rollin', rollin' rollin'.......RAWHIDE!

  1. OK, a demo of rolling flat scarf hems from flat to plump. The pics are crappy, but I did the best I could with my awful little camera.

    Step 1 - Wash scarf, whatever method you choose; I generally do the cool to lukewarm water in a clean basin with a teeny splash of specialty silk wash, then rinse, rinse, rinse (I always rinse in cold - just a quirk). Roll scarf in white towel and lay on flat surface (in my case, my ironing borad, which is over-size).

    Step 2 - I spritz very floppy soft scarves with a VERY light spray of crisp spray starch while the scarf is still damp - and I mean just a mere whiff - then press with a hot steam iron (no silk setting for me, but you may not be so courageous....or stupid....remember, starch can burn! Anyway, I press the scarf up to around two inches from the edge, leaving the edges wet.

    Step 3 - I keep a small glass of water (in my case filtered, but that's because our water here is full of stuff) nearby to keep the hem wet, and just roll between my fingers, like a roll-your own cigarette (or joint)...for further instruction, see shopmom411.

    Step 4 - after I have rolled all the way around the scarf (and I roll quite vigorously, but not enough to damage the stitching), then I blast the hem with steam from my iron. The hem will plump up more sometimes, so this is a worthwhile step.

    Step 5 - Then iron up to the hems, but obviously not over them! You can put the hem between two thick towels and iron over the top, but I don't bother. I just iron all the way up to the edge, then hang the scarf to dry the hems.

    Tip: Sometimes, when the scarf is wet straight from washing, you'll need to stretch, or block the scarf back into shape, as the stitching arounf the edges can cause the hem to shrink a little. It's just like when you wash a linen sheet, and it needs to be pulled back into shape. I just hold opposite corners, and give a good pull...the silk twill being on the bias is the reason, and it also gives a 'crisper' finish to the final product.

    Tip 2: Do all this with caution. I have re-rolled and handwashed quite a few vintage scarves now, however, the scarf pictured is from 1972, and I experienced a minor colour run, of which I was unable to remove. (I washed in cool to cold water very briefly, and when I saw the colour run, ran it under almost boiling water, but unsuccessfully - :sad: ). I was happy to experiment with this scarf, though, as I have another, but PLEASE be advised...especially the older scarves....they MAY run. Having said that, all the others have turned out spectacularly, and I am THRILLED with the results! Hope my experience helps some of the scarfies "roll their own"!
    alibabaflat1.JPG alibabaflathem.JPG alibabawethem.JPG alibabawethems.JPG alibabarolling.JPG
  2. Steaming with a blast from the iron & the finished, plump hem:
    alibabasteam.JPG alibabaplump.JPG
  3. That's tremendously useful, thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to post pics and info, really helpful. I'm still waiting to take the plunge and wash my first scarf but I feel far more confident about it now, thank you
  4. Hey AAB! No problems!!

    You know, it's just because I hate nothing more than flat drives me crazy! Good Luck with yours!! It makes buying vintage scarves a whole lot easier!
  5. Thanks GF! I could use this instruction and tips on how you care for your scarf.:idea: I am new to the H scarf and I have 3 H scarves so far. One is them is olde one from 1968, I worn her once and I haven't wash it yet. I was thinking of sending my scarf to the cleaner for it to dry clean when it needed but is that a bad idea? I def. will try to do this at home..I hope nothing bad happens lol.:push: I just have to follow your instruction step by step and very careful I guess.:sweatdrop: :yes:
  6. Holy crap, woman. That is amazing! Look at your plump ali baba! Now I just have to take a trip to University Town, Alaska to get the rollin' technique down...:graucho:
  7. gf
    i thank you kindly from the bottom of my..flat hems. xoxox
  8. wow - this is priceless! i agree, it totally makes me feel braver (as i pray never to have flat hems and be forced to try this, but when the time comes, i'll do it *gulp*). did i read correctly that you put the hot steam iron straight on the scarf - to iron the main body of it?
    about how often would you expect washing a scarf would be advised, wait for flat hems, or sooner?
  9. thanks GF, for the blow by blow account on washing scarves! very helpful for us who are laundry challenged!
  10. Hey, GF, every try those color magnets? It may control the run.
  11. Wow!! Priceless indeed. thank you GF!!!
  12. Wow, GF, thanks so VERY much for this detailed demo, with pics no less! How kind and very very useful.

    Tremendous! :smile:
  13. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. It is so very helpful!!!
  14. Wow, the pictorials are REALLY helpful !!
    Thanks for taking your time to do this !! :heart:
  15. This is such an awesome resource GF--this needs to be saved! Mods, maybe in the reference thread under "Scarf Care" ? This is too good to be buried!