Roll It Bracelet

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  1. was poking about on & came across the roll it bracelet. its listed under Mens but i feel it could be unisex. its not avl online, has anyone seen it at their local LV? how long ago was it released?

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  2. I haven't seen it IRL, but it does look like it could easily be unisex, it looks really cool! Hopefully someone will have seen it!
  3. I agree it can totaly be unisex!!great idea. but i havnt seen it irl sorry

  4. I agree!

  5. I agree too, although I think my son would love it!

    Happy Shopping!!
  6. Went into LV yesterday and we haven't got it yet, although we do have the Keep It Bracelets for guys and the ones with the charms for the girls. The Roll It Bracelet wil probably arrive with the rest of the accessories next week!
  7. yay :yahoo: thanks for the info!!!
  8. I called LV and they said there are only like 16 left in the US -- I guess it's just a really limited piece.. But I love this bracelet!
  9. mamma nooooooooooooooooooo! :crybaby:

    i really want one but really had no intentions of buying it soon. why does this always happen *sigh* thanks so much for the update though
  10. I know!! I was thinking the same thing.. I was gonna wait a bit to buy it too.. The SA just said that was how many there were now -- she said there might be more but there was no way to know..
  11. yeah i spoke to my SA last wk who said they *might* be getting it but the LV near me kinda sucks. they JUST called me 2 days ago about the vernis alma PM! i plan to call 866 in the AM to track one down but then i will be stuck paying for shipping. i guess ya cant have it all...
  12. found one @ Bal Harbour, my fav LV!!! should be here by nxt wk :smile:
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