Roll Call

  1. Where is Lilach? And Bagg? And why hasn't shopmom checked in??

    What's going on?
  2. I've been wondering the same thing, K.....
  3. i know..where are peoplezzzzzz?
    actually GF you were MIA for a few days? were u out?
  4. I know it's so quiet. *crickets chirping* :lol:
  5. We had a long weekend holiday here in Sydney - Labour Day Weekend, so /i was forced to spend quality time with the family!!


    I'm also a little busy at the moment with some clients I've taken on, even though I'm meant to be on Maternity leave......this is what happens when you work for yourself!! I'll be away at the end of Oct/early Nov....
  6. ahh..hope you had a great long weekend.

    what? end of oct early nov? you funny things to read on H forum for many days?
  7. She'll be here, in Melb!:yahoo: Spring Racing Carnival is on atm!
  8. I only know that Shopmom is here in Italy; unfortunately she's in Verona (in the north) so we can't meet this time :crybaby: She said she'd be away a couple of weeks, so she should be back soon...:yahoo: As for Lilach and Baggs, I've been wondering aswell...Come back girls, we miss ya!!!!
  9. Ohh, I was wondering the same thing? Maybe they are busy working? I know Shopmom is in Italy, so her I understand! But Lilach, and Baggs, where are you guys! I bet they are buying a lot of bags!
  10. Wah, where's Lilach?:crybaby:
  11. I hadn't seen Frenchiefan for a long time as well ...
  12. i miss avandome's posts, too -- i think she's still in paris.
  13. I realize Greentea and 24, Faubourg have both left the forum but I really miss their posts. I wish the forum could get back to being more lively because it is a wonderful place to learn and share ideas and interact with so many great people.
  14. Perhaps Lilach went back home for the Jewish holidays? Germany?
  15. I also think many of us were fatigued by the MsBrobers fiasco. Needed a mental break from that dramedy.