Rolex : YG 36 date just

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  1. Hi all ! I just got this new to me Rolex !!! Such a dream for me :smile:

    I want to change out the face . I know champagne is classic but at the very least I’d change it to the diamond markers

    Also considering MOP diamond markers
    Black MOP diamond

    Black with diamonds

    Any opinions out there ??

    Thanks :smile:


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  2. I remember AD mentioned Rolex won’t change the dial to MOP because it’s fragile. Also you can upgrade but can’t downgrade, meaning from a Roman numeral to diamond markers but not the reverse. I would go for Dark MOP with diamonds.
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  3. Thanks ! Yeah do like a dark dial ! Thanks for your input :smile:
  4. Gorgeous! Congrats. You can’t go wrong with either. I recommend taking it in to see what your options are. If you have it done by Rolex I was told you can only change it to a dial the was originally available with the model you have. Also, you will be required to have it serviced at the same time that’s approximately $500.
    I just purchased a 36 DJ SS, black with diamonds from my dealer the diamonds really pop with the black face.
  5. very nice! I have a 31 mm YG with a silver face and stick markers (with a diamond bezel) that is my favorite combination , and I have sold then bought it 3 times! Yeah, crazy! Don't know if that dial would appeal to you.
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  6. White or silver with diamonds. Not a fan of MOP and do not think the dark dial looks good with yellow gold. If it were rose gold then brown would look awesome.
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