Rolex with Salmon/ Copper Dial

  1. Has anyone ever seen a SS Rolex with the Salmon/ Copper dial? I've got my eye on one that I like but I need to go see it IRL. Does the dial look like a cool Metallic Copper color or is more girly and pink toned? Thanks!!!!
  2. This is a very pretty watch! To my eye it is more pink than copper. I think a couple of PFers have the salmon dial, maybe they can post pics ;)
  3. I worked with Rolex for a long time,when we had new watches sent to us with this dial it was always described as salmon.It does have a bit of a coppery tone to me,but its not quite as orange as true copper,so frannita is spot on when she says its more pinkish. Bit of a mix of the two colors,but its very,very attractive,livens up a steel watch no end and looks very elegant.
  4. I have seen SS with a pink dial. It looked pink; not copper.
  5. I think there are some pics of the salmon dial in the Rolex thread on here. I saw it in person, I agree with the others. It's a pretty neutral shade, Its not a true pinky pink, but it has orangey understones that make it salmon. I like it because I think it is pretty neutral and doesnt have that true pink look to me that makes it a bit more trendy imo.
  6. Here is one with the copper/salmon dial[​IMG]
  7. And here is a pic of a dial,the tone varies from pic to pic,but it'll give you a general idea[​IMG],best to check it out irl really xxxxxxxx
  8. Thanks for all info and the Pics!! I love the color in the second photo.... I'm sure it's one of those colors that changes with the lighting.
  9. I have one, and it is not copper as in metallic - more a copper-pink. Yes, salmon is a perfect description. Understated and classy, but not always easy to read the dial if you are in late 40's early 50's (me). But I still love it and wear it.
  10. I am having that problem(Not being able to read it) I have the lady's datejust with the pink face and its pretty and I love the look, but I have to look at it at least three times to see the time...I am over 40...So I am on a quest for a lovely midsized Rolex with a white face!
  11. - LOL, a midsize is now my smallest watch. The rest are men's Rolexes
  12. My rolex has this color face and the receipt and information says pink.
  13. this is mine and i love it to death:heart:!!!! Not a girly pink at all!
    Pictures 006.jpg
  14. yep, totally not a girly pink at all but rather a very neutral kinda fleshy pink, I love it also! Though Rolex calls it pink, who knows......
  15. That's exactly the one I bought, but with the Jubilee Bracelet. I totally love it!!! The face is just beautiful and I love the Roman Numerals...