ROLEX - Which one do you like and prefer?

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  1. I’m having a hard time deciding on my first Rolex that I plan to wear everyday. Both these are 31 mm as I have a tiny wrist and I’m southeast Asian. I’d love to know your inputs.

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  2. Obviously a matter of personal preference, but I definitely prefer the second option. I’m really not a fan of the two-tone, but that’s just me! Can you possibly try them both on before purchasing?
  3. It's a warm-vs-cool color thing: I like cool tones and white gold only. This is what flatters my skin tone. But if you wear both white and yellow gold, the two-tone would be more versatile for you. 31mm is a great size!
  4. No I’m getting it shipped but my Asian SA will send me pics of both on her wrist. I’m leaving towards the 2nd one too as I’m also hoping to get the two tone in champagne dial in the future. Thank you for your input.
  5. I usually wear yellow gold jewelry but I don’t mind wearing mixed metals. I currently wear my Cartier ballon bleu in steel in my left while a yellow gold live bracelet on my right wrist. Thank you for your input dear.
  6. No problem! Please let us know when you make your decision!!
    And FWIW, I’m half Asian, and yellow tones look horrific on me. However, my Mother (who is fully Korean, and has darker skin than I) looks great in both yellow and white metals.
  7. All stainless.
  8. All stainless steel
  9. I have the second one and love it - it looks beautiful and goes well from day to night. IMO the gold clashes with the black dial, maybe try the gold with a champagne or MOP dial. HTH
  10. I would go for two tone Rolex since you have the steel Cartier Ballon Bleu.
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