Rolex watches

  1. Does anyone here own one? Has anyone purchased one from ebay?

    I'm thinking about buying one and would like as much information as possible.

    Thanks in advance for your help
  2. Yeah...I actually purchased A LV bag from you and searched all items you had for sell and BAM! I saw a gorgeous ladies Rolex. I didn't buy at the time but I could kick myself now!:shrugs:

    But ever since then I can't let it go...LOL:lol:
  3. I just bought a refurbished one tonight from Tourneau. I'm picking it up tomorrow. I can't wait. I finally found the one I've been looking for. It's gorgeous! I'll post pics tomorrow.
  4. I recently bought one. I love it!
  5. :lol: That's cool- hope you are enjoying the LV Bag. You like the Salmon Faces, eh? Those are beautiful and have been a big seller for me this year.