Rolex watch decision, part 3000 (with pics)

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Which watch for daily wear?

  1. Rolex Yacht-Master SS/platinum

  2. Rolex Date with silver stick dial

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  1. #1 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    Yes. It's another Rolex dilemma. I know, I know...I tried the Datejust and it just didn't love me back, so I am going a bit smaller. I now know that I don't want any color on the dial, so here are the new contenders: Date (34mm, pic on right) with silver stick dial OR midsize Yachtmaster (35mm, pic on left) SS/platinum. First, pics of the watches alone (stock photos, sorry):

    Yacht-Master (left) . . . . . Date (right)

    For those of you not familiar (read "obsessed") with Rolex, the dial of the YM will be slightly smaller than that of the Date even though the case measurement is 1mm larger. Now, the watches "on." I don't have a pic of the Date on, but I do have one of the Oyster Perpetual which is the same size (just no date feature) for comparison. OP on left, YM on right in this photo.


    I can only choose ONE, and it will be my daily wearer watch for a LONG time, so choose wisely for me! :biggrin:
  2. The Rolex date according to my taste!
  3. I also choose date.
  4. Rolex Yacht-Master SS/platinum !!!! :graucho:
  5. My fav Rolex is the Yatch-Master, but it really depends on what you're looking for. If it's the daily-wear to work watch or dressy watch, I'd go with the Date. The Yatch is a sportier, more casual look. HTH!
  6. It would be daily wear-to-work (and play) watch, but not dressy. I rarely dress up (and I have a little Citizen watch for those occasions), and the office is "business casual" so I can do a more sporty look.
  7. no question....the date :P
  8. The date for sure. The YM is nice but a bit bulky IMO.
  9. i vote for YM (DH has one...)
  10. Hold on! I'm having trouble catching up! The last time I saw, you were in Rolex heaven taking pictures of your watch while you were driving! (ok I know you had pulled over!)

    What changed?

    Well since things have changed, I am voting for the date. You know I was this close to getting one myself, until I found out they don't come in stainless/yellow gold option.

    Good luck on your new decision!
  11. LOL! :P I admit to taking those photos (pulled over, of course!) but I was not quite as excited about the watch as I thought I would (or should) be, so I am moving on. And shortly after receiving that one, my AD finally got in a midsize Yacht-Master, which I tried on and fell madly in love with. I have tried on the silver Date and the blue Date numerous times, and was kind of on the fence. Now I know I will not be doing the blue, as I am very anti-color in my key wardrobe pieces (although I LOVE the blue in theory and on other people), so it's down to the more practical silver dial Date or the more rugged YM with the extra function (the rotating bezel that I would actually use). I think the DJ was too masculine for me, so the Date worries me although it has the oyster band...but still has the same case shape as the DJ. I have totally confused myself, but can't afford to make another misstep.
  12. I like the yachtmaster!
  13. I like the YM. Its fun and sporty.
  14. I prefer the Date. The YM looks too sporty and bulky imo
    Good luck ;)
  15. YM would be my pick.