Rolex vs. Tourneau watch

  1. Hey ladies, I wanted to get your opinions on which watch you prefer...

    It's kinda hard to decide because the Rolex is sporty and more casual whereas the Tourneau is dressy and chic. ACK!! I feel like I should have only one watch but I like them both. I also want to get a certain Hermes item and well selling one of these will help raise the necessary funds. Argh, I don't know what to do. Anyway, let me know what you think, I am very curious.
    Tourneau:Rolex.jpg Tourneau1.jpg Tourneau2.jpg Tourneau band.jpg Rolex close-up.jpg
  2. Rolex!!!:tup:
  3. That is a really hard question and Im not at all familiar with the Tourneau watch.

    But being an accountant I would need more info like what can you get for the watches compared to what they cost. I would hate to take a big hit on these as they are really beautiful and I cant see the purpose in selling something that is expensive to replace for very little. I would also like to know if the watches cost you a lot to service, maybe you want to off load that aspect of it, so would need to take that into account.

    Now from just looking at the watches, the T. is so unique, its really got wow factor. The R. is more sleek and subtle. For me personally I would want to keep both but if I had to choose, I would choose the R. as it would travel through my crazy changing tastes better for the long haul. But the T. is heaps more interesting!!!!!:okay:
  4. Thanks for your input Little Sharon. I agree--the Tourneau packs a punch visually. I fell it love with it the moment I laid eyes on it but the Rolex, is practical and chic. I may keep both. The Tourneau actually cost more than the Rolex. The numbers are rose gold and the "gothic" symbol is made of diamonds. I haven't had the watches long enough to know how much they will cost for maintenance and repair so I can't comment on that aspect. Hrm...I will have to keep thinking about this.
  5. ITA! :tup:

  6. I'll whole heartedly agree with that,would it not be worth saving a bit longer,put your new purchase on interest free credit,you can pay it off quicker if you come into unexpected funds without incurring any penalties as there is no interest involved. Or get a new credit card that has a no interest deal on new purchases???
  7. I so agree with the interest free thingie Chaz!!!:graucho:
  8. I would recommend keeping the Rolex!
  9. Rolex
  10. I think your Rolex is more versatile and simple. I'd hang on to it.
  11. I'd keep the rolex, and this is an opinion entirely based on appeal, I know nothing about resale and $$ factors.
  12. Rolex.
  13. Rolex, for sure!
  14. Thanks for your input everyone. I appreciate it!