Rolex size question

  1. Hi experts. I have decided to go with a Rolex after much internal debate.

    What really won me over is the sturdiness of them as I am really careless with my jewellery.

    I loved many of the Cartiers but the ones that I really loved were way out of my budget (of choice).

    So question is, the ladies size or mid size. I have been into two shops and each swears that the opposite is popular and the other not!!!! So I cant get a feeling from asking the shops as I dont trust they are being honest. Each swears that they hardly sell the opposite one???

    I would love your advice here. ps. I am not little or short...the name refers to my look a like daughter!!!!
  2. Yay! Glad to help. Here are pics of my 26mm and 31 mm midsize. I seem to wear my midsize more now. Love the chunky look of it and people have admired it more than the ladies size. The oyster bracelet also has polished links at the middle as opposed to the all matte links of the older version. I also realized that the bracelet is quite similar to the cartier roadster and I'm quite iffy now if I should still get the roadster or la dona instead. Decisions decisions LOL Anyway, are you looking into the one with the jubilee or oyster bracelet? Which color dial? with or without diamonds? :drool:Im so excited for you!!!
    rolex.JPG rolex 2.JPG
  3. midsize 31 mm i do not like the 26mm models i find them a tad too thick for that size (due to the automatic movement) look unproportional. rolex look best 29 mm (pearlmaster series and yachtmaster lady ) and up
  4. I wear a mid-size occasionally,I thought the case appeared much deeper on the ladies and looked a bit bulbous for its overall size,the mid-size did'nt for me at any rate share this look. As I'm sure your aware choosing a watch is such a personal thing,but for the record I was in the trade for about 15 or so years and most of them working with Rolex and there is no way in my career I sold half as many mid-size as I did ladies size,more fair to say 1 in every 20 if that helps? But thats one of the reasons I went for a mid-size as its a little more unusal,these days I've gone a step further and wear a gents steel GMT2,but that proves even more I think how personal it is choosing a watch,sorry none of that was any great help really was it! But I have put a couple of pics on to give you a bit more of a library to look at without the pressure of being in front of a sales assistant!Good luck and happy choosing!

    PS,if this helps at all,I'm 5'6'' size 6/8 and 42yrs old,I don't care that some people think its a bit odd I do a 'younger girl thing' of wearing a blokes Rolex,good job I don't give a toss cos it cost me loads and I am not going down the route that I may be mutton dressed as lamb and I've wasted my money!!! XXXXXXXXXXXX
    my jewellery and watches 011.JPG my jewellery and watches 013.JPG my jewellery and watches 014.JPG
  5. Solitude! How small are your wrists that make your mid-size look my GMT2 on me!!!Tiny girl!!!! By the way your watches are gorgeous,and I love the roadster, would look yuumy on your dainty wrist!XXXXXXXXXXXX
  6. There is also another thread on here you'd enjoy helping with young lady of about your age? needs some help with an LV or a Cartier,sounds just your thing!!XXXXXXXXX
  7. Thanks Chaz! LOL My wrists are really tiny :lol: (Im a size 0...well, a size 2 occasionally :confused1:) But I assure you Im not anorexic LOL Im just small boned:girlsigh:
  8. Ooooh! Will check that one out! :supacool:
  9. Littlesharon,

    I am 5'1.5 (please do not take my half inch off, i needed that lol ), weight 95lbs ,the midsize fits best on me.
    However, my daughter she's 5'7, 140lbs, the ladies datejust looks real good on her because she has short fingers with big bone...poor my little girl.
  10. Depends, I like yellow gold Rolex's especially with diamonds in ladies sizes, and steel, two-tone, Daytona's etc, the midsize, because they have a more rugged feel.
  11. I prefer the classicness of the ladies size. The mid size seems more sporty and causal and slightly more trendy imo since a lot of things are oversized right now. I just got the ladies size Rolex in white gold and stainless with mop diamond dial and the size is actually pretty chunky on me. I am 25 and very petite size 0 and 4 11.5". Generally I think that if you are looking for the most classic style that will last over time I would go with the ladies size but if you want something more sporty, different and oversized, I would go with the midsize. Its a very personal prefrence. bl2k4 is also very petite and she prefers the midsize! personally I didnt think the midsize looked at all proportionate on me. The pictures of the midsizes seem to look how my ladies size looks on it really all depends on your wrist and what look your going for. However, you cant go wrong with a Rolex. I love mine! Good luck!
  12. I should add that I find my ladies size to loook a bit chunky and oversized on me and I love that look for a watch, i think it looks very modern and chic. My wrists are very small, around 4 3/4" so maybe how my ladies size looks on me is how thew midsize looks on others...I will post this pic I put up before again, its not the most flattering pic on the watch or my wrist which along with my hands looks bigger then they actually are from the strange angle it was taken at..I had a hard time taking a pic of it...
  13. I wear the mid size 31mm - mine has the oyster bracelet and I love the sportier every day look of the larger face. The smaller face is too 'dainty' for me personally and seems more like a dress watch to me.
    I don't have a 26mm to compare to, but I'll attach a shot of my 31mm with my Constellation which is similar in size to the traditional ladies Rolex.
    IMG_2488.JPG IMG_2495.JPG
  14. This would be a fab post to put on the modelling pics thread,as your wearing an Omega too!!!(great watches,Omegas!) Chaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. Littlesharon, will attach pics again of each watch on my wrist for size reference. The ones I posted didnt capture the size difference. Pardon the blurry pics. Gotta get a new camera soon LOL
    31mm.JPG 26mm.JPG rolex.JPG