Rolex Size Need Help

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  1. I'll soon be receiving my moms rolex watch, she is getting a new one. Her watch is the 31 mm steel and yellow gold datejust. Lately I have seen women wear the larger rolex watches and I'm thinking about purchasing one of the larger ones on my own and switching off between the two. I really like the look of the larger ones on women. However I have really really small wrists so I don't want it to look enormous and overpower my wrist. I can't decide if it is worth it to get another just rolex because of the size. How many of you ladies prefer the larger mm watch sizes and visa versa?
  2. I had a 31mm and sold it about a year and a half ago, I have been wearing a 38mm j12 since and got use to the larger watch, Hubby JUST bought me a new 36mm datejust for our anniversary this month and i ADORE it! I think its totally worth it. I would go try them on and see how they feel on
  3. I have small wrists, and I wear a men's Yacht-Master with a MOP dial. It is a large watch, and I absolutely love it and almost never take it off. I hardly ever wear any of my other watches anymore because this one works so well for everything. It has been an excellent purchase because I get so much use out of it :smile:
  4. I'm not a fan of big watches. 31mm is the largest I will go for a Rolex.
  5. have 2 of 31mm, 2 of 26mm.
    Sold one of my 31mm because I do not need that many big watches.

    for sporty, yatch master would be good.
    Otherwise, I think the 26mm should be good with dress up for small frame ladies
  6. I have relatively small wrists and wear the's perfect for me. I'm not into a dainty look and this size watch gives me both options for dress up/down.
  7. I have fairly large wrists but both of my rolex's are 31mm

    I'm not a fan of the day window in the larger size watches.
  8. I love the juxtaposition of a large chunky watch against a small, feminine wrist!

    I have a 31mm rolex and and my wrist is very small (13.5 cm circumference). I feel that the 31mm is still too small for the look that I want (34mm would have been perfect but I could not afford that model).
  9. Thanks for the advice ladies
  10. My wrist is 5 inches and I love my 31 mm. It's a perfect size. I've tried 36 mm and it starts to get heavy & it keeps bumping into things. I prefer the 31 mm!!
  11. Here is my Yacht-Master (I think it is about 40mm). My wrists are 5.25 inches. Yes, it is big, but I love it.

    trustlove - buy what you love and what you are comfortable with. What other people think really is of no consequence. They are not paying for it or wearing it :flowers:

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  12. Ranag, I love your Rolex. I really like the way it looks. I think I'm going to get the larger one about the size of yours and trade off between the two.
  13. I have the midsize (35mm) Yachtmaster in platinum/SS...blingy and chunky, but not overpoweringly large. Debating whether I should go with a midsize DJ two tone or the 36mm DJ with YG/SS, floral dial, gold fluted bezel or keep the YM.


  14. It depends on what you like and since you said that you like the larger look, I think the 36 mm DJ is great for you. Even the 36 mm is not really a big watch. It's fairly neutral for a man or woman IMO.
  15. ET gorgeous watch.
    Howard-thanks for the advice I'm planning on getting a 36 or 41 rolex along with the one my mom is giving me.

    I love the look. The Datejust II 41mm is my favorite.