Rolex Repair

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  1. My husband owns a Rolex blue faced Submariner that he wears all the time. He’s had trouble with the band breaking multiple times. Each time it broke our jeweler would repair it.
    Two weeks ago we were standing in line to go through airport security when a kind gentleman standing next to us asked my husband if the watch that had just fallen on the floor was his. It was indeed his Rolex with a broken band.
    My husband did not realize until later that the watch crystal shattered from the impact.
    Has anyone had this happen to them?
    Any idea on costs to replace the watch crystal and band? Are either of these guaranteed? We are not home to check Rolex booklets.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. It will be very expensive. Was your jeweler an authorized dealer? If not, he/she may have voided your warranty. You have to get to an authorized Rolex dealer for pricing.
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    I was told just last week that everything except the crystal is covered for the first 5 years. A shattered crystal is not covered under their warranty. I’m not sure about the band. I would expect the band to be covered. This was told to me by our local AD for Rolex. In my experience, I’ve always been advised that all work should be done by Rolex or an authorized Rolex jeweler. Your local authorized Rolex dealer will send the watch for repair and they’ll quote you before doing any work.
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  4. The watch was purchased from an authorized dealer but it’s more than 5 years ago so I guess it’s no longer under warranty.
  5. You could send it to Rolex via your local AD to get a repair quote. I had a watch a few years ago outside warranty that needed repair. I sent it back to Rolex through an AD. They quoted me a price for them to repair the watch but also gave me recommendations for local authorized Rolex jewelers (who actually were independent and worked from their homes). They may also be able to give you a quote over the phone for the crystal and replacement cost on the band. Thankfully the guy who found your husband’s watch noticed it and was an honest person. I hope you’re able to get it fixed and at a reasonable price. Good luck.
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  6. The crazy thing is that my husband didn’t even feel it fall from his wrist. He was in shock after it happened.
    I agree , thankfully a kind and honest person saw it and returned it.
  7. Thank you Ms. Dixie and jellyv for you advice.
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  8. I always assume submariners are like tanks, indestructible.
    In Rolex Forums people always said their subs last for decades and generations..
    Please consider taking the watch to an authorised dealer and see what their quote is. Even the warranty may be void, they will still fix it for a fee.
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  9. since the watch is out of warranty, you may want to take it to a reputable watch repair guy. I found a really nice one who was highly recommended by the people (mostly guys obsessed with watches as women here are with bags) on the Rolex forum:

    for me the advantage is although it still costs quite a bit, it's less than Rolex. And I don't have to send it out of town.

    Surprised that watch didn't clunk when it hit the floor. Shame that happened. GL
  10. Here’s a sad photo of the damaged watch face IMG_5500.JPG
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  11. Omg it pains me to see this. >_<
    If it also has constant bracelet issues, it’s worth it to bring it in the authorised dealer rather than your usual jeweller. (If the bracelet kept breaking, you should get someone else to look at it)
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  12. Ouch. A friend recently had to have his crystal replaced and did general maintenance on one of his Roxex watches (don't recall the model) and the cost was about $1700, of which about $1000 was the cost of the crystal, and it took about 9 months.
  13. 9months!!!! It takes 9 months for a baby to develop!
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  14. The really odd thing is that when my husband first checked his watch he did not see any damage to the crystal. It then sat on his bedside table for 2 weeks.
    When he picked it up to take a look he was in total shock to see that it had shattered.
  15. I would send it directly to Rolex for repair. I have Rolexes and have had repairs in the past.

    If you ask the dealer to send it to Rolex, they may still elect to repair in-house. This is a true story for me (I had them write on my paperwork send to Rolex directly)and I got so mad they ended up giving me a new watch as I clearly stated I want all my watches serviced only by Rolex USA.

    It’s easy to service. Call Rolex, they will send you a shipping box, and off it goes. Fast and easy and you know all parts are 100% Rolex and the watch will be done correctly by Rolex.

    That’s what I would do.
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