Rolex price increase

  1. I'm thinking and saving for my first Rolex and I'd like to get more information. All Rolex connoisseurs, could you please answer following Qs?
    -How often do Rolex increase their price? Doesn anybody know about it?
    -When the last time they increase their price?
    Thank you so much for your replies.:idea:
  2. As far as I know, they increase by 5% every year. I am not sure. Lets wait for Chaz's reply to this post. She's the watch and jewelry guru:graucho:
  3. depends on the watch. normally, from 8 - 10% within 12 - 18 mths period or so.
  4. Hey Sol!!! Heard you mentioning my name lol!!! When I first started out in the trade it seemed only every couple of years and by about 10%,that was getting on for about 13 years ago now when I was with Watches of Switzerland in the UK,both posters are correct that there does seem to be more regular price increases ranging from 5% all the way up to 10%,but that does'nt mean you can't haggle for a keen deal!!

    Go in to a store tho they usually won't get into %'s off over the fone as they know they could get dragged into a bidding game between other retailers,we would'nt do it at WOS, its a bit unproffesional and cheapens the whole experience for you. But by all means do a bit of face to face negotiating between retailers,you will also be taken more seriously as a pyhsical buyer to a potential no show from the fone way.That way you can push a keen deal and they will be more willing to play ball!! Good luck!!!:tup:
  5. Thank you Solitude, Bl2k4, Chaz. Do you know when did they increase the price last time??? Thank you.
  6. sometimes around Feb.
  7. Thank you Bl2k4! :ty: It's funny that they increase the price around Chinese New Year:flowers:
  8. Bl2k4 is right....price increase for watches starts around february....thats what the SA at Cartier told me
  9. Has anyone else heard that Rolex is having a price increase? I heard it within the week.
  10. I heard that! I was bought my DH a Rolex for Valentines day and they told me they were having a price increase the next week (which is this week). But I did not ask how much
  11. seems like every luxe brand is doing a price increase...ever since the US dollar started losing it's value. From bottega veneta to more recently, roberto coin and IWC. I was rushing to buy DH his IWC watch when I was told that if I wait another week, it was going to be additional 10%.

    Interestingly, even from 2 years ago, precious metals like gold and diamond were already going up in price. boy, if I only spent my money on that instead of shoes. LOL
  12. I called two Rolex dealers. One said they weren't sure when and how much but it is happening soon. The other said its this week and its between 6 - 15% depending on model. :wtf:

    They haven't had an increase in awhile so I suppose it was time. :tdown:
  13. Yes, I just got mine and they all told me that as of the 1st of March, they would be going up a minimum of 10%. So we had to get it this week! If you get a discount this week of like 10% and then the price goes up, it's like you are getting it for 20% off.
    I guess that's how we talk ourselves into stuff!
    BTW - I got a midsize, stainless oyster bracelet, datejust w/18k bezel and black Mother of Pearl:yahoo:
  14. Wow a 10% markup... That's pretty big.

  15. everything is going up except pay.:tdown: