Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. Thank you..:hugs:. I waited 20 years for it......worth it
  2. Just beautiful. Is that the 31?
  3. is this a 28 or 31mm ?
  4. With a ring like that, I don't even look at the watch (I like sparkly things)! :loveeyes: But the watch is wonderful too.:tup:
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  5. 52182E50-22E9-4E46-95E9-D8FDD83DD07D.jpeg
    DFD4906E-E86B-40BE-97E2-76012B8E9F15.jpeg 3852EB3F-6257-4B82-83BE-02C391721BE8.jpeg
    I have read every page of this forum and happy to be joining the club! Push present for baby # 2. I went back and forward so many times but ultimately decided on 31mm date just with fluted bezel and jubilee bracelet. So happy! Hubby will go and pick it up next week and baby due any day now :smile:

    I’ve also attached a pic of a couple of my other choices- such a torturous decision so I hope I made the right choice!! I also tried a 28mm date just with the rhodium dial like the one below but with fluted bezel. I did adore the oyster bracelet and maybe would have preferred it to jubilee but I couldn’t get that exact combination. I ended up with something a lot fancier then I envisioned but as my hubby said- if you’re buying a Rolex you may as well buy a Rolex and get all the beautiful features they are known for. And I think I agree after giving it a lot of thought! BE4AF4B7-A5C7-4E5C-87D5-32CDD3F6E540.jpeg
  6. Hi all! Quick question: do any of you have the fluted bezel with the oyster bracelet? I prefer the oyster bracelet I think, but I'm not sure if the fluted bezel would look "off" with it, compared to the smooth bezel. Would love to see some mod shots, if possible :smile: Thanks!
  7. #6385 is my date just with oyster and fluted bezel. Will try to take more photos.
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  8. Wow, that's a beautiful piece!! It really pops in the best way. Thank you for sharing! I'd definitely love more photos. Can't get enough! :lol:
  9. Thank you! It’s a 26mm bought on 2016 Dec! ❤️:P:heart:

    Neither! 26mm! ❤️:P:heart:
  10. I am looking to buy a GMT-Master II. Any idea if I am able to get it in Orlando, Florida? Or possibly South Korea?
  11. Recently got this 31 mm DJ. It looks bigger in pics but in real it’s smaller. I wish Rolex would make these in Size 34

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  12. Love the diamond markers!
  13. Snap. We are exact watch twins. I think it’s perfect on you, including the size.
  14. Rolex Daytona gold, Paul Newman dial my holy grail watch ❤ AirBrush_20190813174449.jpg
  15. Number 1: your wedding set is absolutley gorgeous!!! When i look at this photo thats the first thing i see!!! It blinds my eyes!!! Its beautiful. Big kens watch would match your big gorgeous stunning ring!!!