Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. Unfortunately silver with diamond dot is not available on the new 36mm, i will post picture wearing both asap, thank you
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  2. I agree, is elegant vs fashionable, btw im 40 years old, if that makes a difference to the choice?
  3. Hi all!
    Having a bit of a dilemma here, i love the crisp look of the silver with diamond roman numerals, but champagne with diamond dot, is classic and elegant, both 36mmm, ladies let me know your thoughts please, is champagne dial a dated look?

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  4. Both are beautiful but I vote for silver with roman numerals ❤
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  5. The silver dial with those diamond Roman numerals is AMAZING! The gold dial is meh..
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  6. I like the champagne. Really a show stopper piece.
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  7. I worry that the Roman numerals will blend in with the silver dial and make it difficult to read the time.
  8. I worry that the Roman numerals will blend in with the silver dial and make it difficult to read the time.
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  9. I have the champagne diamond dial, although in a 26, and as I got older, it became very difficult to read the time having gold hands against a gold background. You might be better with a white background and gold roman numbers with gold hands for readability.
  10. I agree with Bag*Snob. I thougt I wanted a champagne dial until the sales associate suggested the silver.
    She felt the gold hands with the champagne dial would be difficult to read. I opted for a silver dial with diamond markers and was happy I did. I do like the silver dial with diamond Roman numerals. In the last photo the numerals look gold against the silver dial.
  11. Hi Kelly girl,
    Unfortunately the silver with diamond dot is not available in the new datejust 36, you're correct the second picture is silver dial with gold roman numerals diamonds are only set on '6' and '9', is yours a 36mm too?
  12. Yes that happened to me as well; I had a 26 mm yg President with champagne dial and I forget what markers but I absolutely could not read the time, especially if there was any glare on the watch. Maybe if you are young and don't plan on having this watch forever, this is not an issue. I do have a 26 mm with white face and gold Romans, and I can see the time but again, I cannot read the date any more! (62 y o for reference) But this size you are looking at would be probably be easy to read for many years to come in the combination BagSnob has mentioned.
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  13. I bought a 31; the 36 looked too big on my small wrist. Ideally I would have preferred a 34 but the bracelet is only available in SS or white gold. I have a Cartier tank in SS and really wanted the gold and stainless jubilee bracelet on my Rolex.
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  14. I think that the one with the diamond Roman numerals (1st picture) has the "wow factor" on your arm. But it's your your choice. Whatever it may be, enjoy it!
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  15. A broken watch is correct twice a day.
  16. I’m loving the champagne more. It looks so luxe.
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