Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  2. Stunning!!
  3. Can’t quite tell...Rose gold or white? 31 or 34? Either way, super pretty, congrats!
  4. My guess is a 36 rose gold day date! Beautiful!
  5. 36 rose gold day date.
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  6. Husband left his watch out so I borrowed.

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  7. My vintage Rolex Date 34 mm reimagined by La Californienne!

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  8. I do like a sport watch with Jubilee bracelet! It looks so luxe.
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  9. Very funky cool! (ya I'm old, used the word funky LOL)
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  10. Yesterday with my Yacht Master!

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  11. IMG_7951.jpg

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  12. I just love your "debonair" pics with your cigar. Very good taste in watches, sir!
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  13. Is it Cuban? It's upside down and I can't read it. My husband likes a good cigar now and then. Some I even don't mind the aroma - usually Cuban.
  14. Hi @chessmont

    yes, it's a Cuban. Montecristo Anejado - Churchill.

    Kind regards,
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