Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. Ohhhh, so so pretty!!! This is going to be my next! Congrats!
  2. Just ordered...
  3. Only do pick ups ;) I love the movement it's just feels bit big occasionally as it's a 45mm watch.
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  4. ooh very nice! love the contrast numerals. I also like that there's no date (lazy me)
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  5. About 5 3/4 inches
  6. Hi! I have the baby version of your watch!

    Only thing that annoys me is...I can’t tell the time when it’s dark!

  7. You all have such beautiful watches! But I just have share my idiosyncrasy with Rolex Watches; I only like Oyster bracelets on sport watches. Otherwise I prefer Jubilee bracelets on non -sport models. Call me old fashioned. Anyone else trapped in my warped time zone!
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  8. Looks great on you [emoji7] So far I haven’t had that problem. I would expect any Rolex without the illumination markers would be difficult to read.
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  9. Rolex.jpg
    Thanks for letting me share.
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  10. CIA.jpg
    Posted in the Cartier thread..thought I'd post here too :smile:
  11. LOL...that’s what phones are for!
  12. I share your sentiments chessmont
  13. Yes, can’t read anything with other brands too.
  14. WoW! All the watches are amazing. I loved the golden one. I can gift it to my friend as his birthday is coming.
  15. Quick question cantbelieve, is your watch 31mm?
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