Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. Love your blue and gold Omega! Too bad you don’t like your sport Rolex (submariners?) I’d like your green one:biggrin:
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  2. Just got this beauty today, oyster perpetual with red grape dial. Don’t mind my pyjama!

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  3. Thank you it’s so gorgeous the diamonds really pop against the black dial.
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  4. Thank you!!
  5. Very nice!

    Is this the new DJ36 model?

    Does it have the hidden clasp or the exposed clasp?
  6. She has the 41mm with the Oyster bracelet, it’s only available with the Oysterclasp.
    The DJ36 with the jubilee bracelet formally had the conceded clasp the new released has the Oysterclasp. This why I purchased the DJ36 now instead of waiting since the super jubilee bracelet has been discontinued for the DJ36.
  7. Amazing you have some great SS models in that picture!! All watches I would love to have but unable to get at the AD and I don't really want to buy double list price. Guess I don't want it so badly. I have to do with my other 16 watches for now.

    I really enjoy my recent buys Omega Seamaster 300m and Black Bay 58 and the GMT LN
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    Hi Taya.
    Saw your remarks and it hit exactly how I feel now! I have always been contemplating between 28 or 31. However, I got no choice as the model I bought doesn’t comes in 31 so I was very happy with my purchased in the first week. However, my goodness! Rolex now came in size 31 for the model I bought ‍♀️. The feeling was OMG and this strong feeling of regret has been bothering me for so many days till now...
    Wanted to check in with you how do you find your size 28 now?
  9. @fundase Bloody Rolex!! I have one watch I am not super excited about it's Zenith El Primero (skeleton) which is with 45mm is a bit too big. I still admire the open caseback and it's beautiful movement! Sweeps the nicest of all my watches.
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  10. The Zenith El Primero Skeleton is one of the most underrated timepieces of all time... I wish I had one... in YG though.
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  11. IMG_1095.JPG IMG_1114.JPG
    My new DJ36 black diamond markers.. totally in love so gorgeous
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  12. Wait..You’re Not super-excited about the El Primero? Why not? I would be. Please send to me. Today, if possible:drinks:
  13. Thank you!
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