Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. Yes
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  2. Hi to all who have given me your valuable advise earlier. Wanted to share my joy with you that I have finally gotten this piece!

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  3. It's so beautiful and elegant and looks amazing on your wrist - congratulations!!!
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  4. Sorry for the delay; here’s a pic of mine IMG_8933.JPG
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  5. Hi everyone! I'm looking at a 31 everrose and steel jubilee band DJ. Chocoate dial with diamon "VI". My only concern is that it has a domed bezel. Does this scratch easily? I've only had one fluted bezel that is 30 years old. Thanks!
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  6. oh wow - such a beauty! huge congratulations
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  7. How are you liking the black dial? I’ve been trying to get the diamond markers with silver dial but my dealer hasn’t been able to locate one but he has the black available. Do you find it to be masculine? Could you share more pictures of yours. [emoji120] Thank you
  8. Domed bezels are more prone to scratches. Only steel can be polished, not white/yellow/everose gold. I always prefer domed bezel on oyster bracelet and fluted with jubilee.
  9. Hi,

    I love it and don’t feel it to be masculine. Maybe if it didn’t have diamonds but I still might have went with the black. I wear a lot of black and every handbag is black so I guess it’s my color of choice. [emoji12]
  10. Will share some more pictures later.
  11. Me too, my saying is does it come in black? All my bags are black except I have one in red... seeing yours made me love the black it’s so gorgeous on you. I’ve decided to purchase it. Can’t wait to see more pics in the meantime [emoji7]
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  12. Here’s some new pics.

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  13. You’re going to love it.
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  14. I’m sure I’m older than any of you but I just had to chime in about a Rolex. I bought my husband an 18k gold President in 1976 and we got my female equivalent in 1978. It is the 18k version with silver dial and no diamonds. I’ve worn it every day for the past 40 years and have loved it it every time I look at it. We are both old now but I can honestly say it’s the best investment I ever made in jewelry. If you can afford a Rolex, by all means buy it and never regret owning it. Buy the one you love. Just as an aside, my husband’s watch cost $2500 and mine was $3000. Today they are a fortune. But, back then it was a fortune for us to buy. There is nothing that compares to a Rolex!
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    My current collection. however planning to sell all 3 Rolex sports model , despite the fact that its highly sought after models. very uncomfortable to wear daily, heavy and bulky. Datejust and my gold omega are just perfect as daily beaters
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