Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. Yeah, I don't really feel like double retail. Imagine how many other lovely watches I could buy of the premium!! I hope it's not daydreaming, I would love to get my hands on the new Batman but I am not really hopeful. I am luckily enough to have the black GMT on oyster
  2. Last year I wanted to buy a hulk for DH or DS, because everyone’s talking about it. It’s US$16-17k, ie AUD$24k, it’s double retail price (ps old Batman is the same, AUD$24k). Both of them said they didn’t want it if it’s above retail.
    So.... I spent the money on jewellery for myself instead :smile: .
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  3. Yes, exactly. Double retail is just silly. For $24k you can buy a nice Länge&Sohne or Patek watch
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  4. I agree, no need to play that game. And I'm pretty sure, in future this (artificial shortage/ waiting lists/ choosing your customers) will come back to haunt quite a few manufacturers, especially as a large part of younger generations tend to attribute less value to owning stuff like this in general.

    Kind regards,
  5. Got this as a gift for my 30th! Sooo happy. IMG_20190315_174257.jpg
  6. Happy Birthday! What a super lovely gift, enjoy. :smile:
  7. Hi lovely people! Love seeing your watches! I'm hoping to either a Rolex Dayjust or a Cartier BB as a 30th present to myself :smile:. I know I'd like the fluted bezel and oyster band, but am unsure of the the size (31mm or 36mm) and if I prefer the champagne or MOP dial. I super love the diamond markers over the roman numerals, so hoping to go with that. I tend to wear only YG jewelry, so thinking the TT. I work in an office setting - but a creative one (marketing etc). This would be my everyday workhorse watch, as I'm not sure if I'd ever be able to purchase another Rolex, and I wouldn't want it to be too flashy (funny I know because I'm digging the diamonds and fluted :P). For context, I'm 5'7, with (i think) normal sized wrists at 6". Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and thank you in advance! Sorry I wasn't able to get the champagne dial in the 31mm at the store, and for some reason I didn't take of the bracelets I had on, which I don't normally wear!

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  8. I had an interesting discussion with my Rolex AD. Who is the store owner. They have been in their location for 25 years and have outsold the two other ADs in the area.

    Rolex does not “like” their location. They have 8 months to find an approved space that will become a Rolex “boutique “ the current location is not upscale enough.

    For the new location opening they have promised a large inventory but the waiting lists in the area are so long I’m sure everything will sell quickly. Then they will be back to their regular allotment of Teo watches a month!!!
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  9. Sorry folks I am having problems editing in my phone. 2 watches a month allotment!!! When I first went there almost 20 years ago they had cases full of Rolex and you could order whatever you wanted! I guess they are going to try out the Hermès business model, as Oliver said artificial scarcity of the brand to make it more desirable? My AD is not happy!
  10. Rolex IS the real world Don Corleone of the watch manufacturer world. No other manufacturer pressures AD's like they do.

    Don't sell enough, say good bye. Location not on par with what Rolex likes, change or say good bye. Don't sell enough fancy watches, change that, or get less sporty watches, then say good bye. (...)

    Oh, and AD's never know what they receive in their shipments. They do know what they ordered obviously, but they never know what/how many they get with each shipment.

    Kind regards,
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  11. 31mm, diamond markers with MOP. Champagne dial looks dated. Cartier Ballon BB would be less flashy and you might want to consider Oyster Perpetual. I just think Datejust in two tone is flashy whether it’s fluted or domed bezel. Ask your heart what you really want and look forward your decision. Happy birthday in advance.

  12. I love the 31mm with MOP dial!
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  13. I have bought the Tudor Black Bay 58 this week to keep the spending going at the AD where I want to get a Rolex Batman. I quite like this watch it's 39mm and it's a beauty.
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  14. Thank you! You're so right on all levels. I'm now considering the 31 like the above but with roman numerals instead. Could be a good balance between the Cartier BB and Rolex. I do love both the Cartier and Rolex, but the date feature feels important to me if it's an everyday watch :smile:.
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  15. Thank you!!! I thinks so too.. The TT feels too much as a 36 for me personally for everyday the question is roman numerals or diamond markers...
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