Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. IMG_5874.JPG

    Hi everyone,

    After much deliberation, I have decided to go with the Rolex Junior All Steel Datejust, Silver face with the Roman Dial. I will be picking up the watch in 2 weeks’s time! Was choosing over this or the pink face ladies watch... Hope I made the right decision
  2. After contemplating for almost 2 years I finally decided to purchase my first Rolex back in September.
    Now I want another lol
    Pearlmaster 34, but I was told that this exact model will be discontinued.... is it still worth getting?

  3. What size is this ?
  4. It's 26mm - I have tiny wrists
  5. I can see that watch working with so many outfits. Lovely clean lines & classic at the same time
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  6. It's beautiful. I'd love an all-gold Rolex one day
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  7. Thank you dear! That’s what I was going for. An everyday watch that I won’t have trouble matching outfits with!
  8. I think we have the exact same watch! I love mine!
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  9. Super love this. So beautiful!
  10. It's so beautiful! It feels completely different to my old SS one, more special
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  11. After searching a long time for the right watch I landed at an Oyster Perpetual No-Date 34mm. But the AD´s here have only the black version and it seems that the white version isn´t the "regular", "normal" rolex-white. Does anyone know this white color ?
    What do you think ? Can you please help me decide which color to take ?
    Pics are from the Rolex Website
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  12. I really love the black dial. If I was to get a 2nd Rolex it would have either a black or olive green dial
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  13. I really love the Champagne or Red Grape on this Oyster Perpetual 34mm. I find the white and black dials are too boring because of the clean overall look, Oyster bracelet with domed bezel. I think the white is the same white on other Rolex models. 34mm also comes with a silver dial.
  14. Oyster Perpetual 34mm



    Red Grape




    Also comes in Blue and Olive Green
  15. Thanks for your reply.
    As I was told, this white is probably not the same white as you can get when you buy e.g. a datejust. On some youtube-vids it seems that there is a little difference between. The 34mm-white is more like an ivory-white. IMO.
    The clean overall look is the look i´ve been searching for :smile:
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