Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. Hi girls! Need your help! I’m between 31 and 34... 31 is like too classic and 34 maybe too trendy? I want it in black. Thanks for your opinions!!!
    D19885EB-ACE0-4B57-A1F4-850B34548FE3.jpeg A62CB21F-55D4-4AF3-87D9-70EDE81342C9.jpeg
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  2. I like the 31 fits you well :smile:
    Or you buy both of them, problem solved, haha :biggrin:
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  3. I like the way the first one fits your wrist better.
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  4. 34 is a trendy sporty look. SA kept asking me to go for 34 when I selected 31. I guess the shrink factor will set in. If you’ve made up your mind on black dial, I think it goes very well on a 34.

    Do you have another pic of the black dial 34 where it doesn’t sit so low on the wrist?
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  5. I get what you mean by wanting to match everything, I am a little obsessed like that too. Finding the perfect combo does take time but I always try to bring my most used bags/jewellery with me and try on a few combinations to see how it looks as an outfit. Good luck with finding "the one", I am sure whichever option you go for will only be the first to many, I am already thinking about my next one :biggrin: Have fun!
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  6. Loveee the 34 on you!!! Black really pops too
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  7. The 31 is a better size for your wrist and hand. Can you get that size with a black dial?
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  8. I like the 31 on you better.
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  9. I think the 31 looks better. Love the black in the second picture, but not the size.
  10. Girls with wrist size around 14,5 cm, do you prefer Datejust 33 or 36?
  11. My wrist is 14cm and I prefer 36mm on me.
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  12. I prefer the 36....
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  13. ended up going for a 3.60 carat tennis bracelet. what is everyones take on wearing it on same arm as your watch?
  14. Gorgeous!!
  15. Uh, wonderful!
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