Rolex owners: What do you have?

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  1. I agree - the 31 is perfect on your wrist. Both lovely, but you should go with your heart. If you love the black and it feels like 'you' then it can't be the wrong decision. You should feel happy every time you look down at it.
  2. Imho the black face looks dressier, the white face more casual. Of these two I prefer the white because it's easier to see the time and I would wear a smaller watch if I needed a more formal/dressy option.
  3. My first Rolex 28mm Datejust TT Everose & Steel with purple dial and diamonds, the perfect combo [​IMG]
  4. Looks great on you
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  5. Hi lovelies, I managed to find a 31mm everose/white dial and am now deciding between these two beauties! I really appreciated everyone's input -- on the last leg of the search now! Black feels right, although I feel like it might be difficult to match with lighter clothes? Does anyone feel this way? (Though my wardrobe is mostly black anyway...)
  6. I have a black dial and love it. I think it looks chic and cool and goes with everything.
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  7. Both are gorgeous--Rolex's Roman numeral dials always look great.
    White is more legible than the black, crisp and cool and versatile...I'm biased. :smile:
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  8. Hi everyone,
    I’m planning on getting a 36mm tt YG/SS datejust for my birthday.
    However, I’m having a bit of a second thought. I’m afraid that the watch will be too mature/flashy for a uni student like me.
    I want to wear this watch to class as well as when I go out for a night out in town, and I want to be able to wear it when I graduate and start working.
    I rarely see people my age wearing tt Rolex. Most of my friends wear ss Daytona or ss sub. I usually see women in their 40s and above with the two tone datejust.
    I want two tone watch because I want it to match my yg love bracelet which I wear on the other wrist.
    My other choice is tt Cartier Ballon Bleu but it doesn’t have the date function.
    What are your thoughts?
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  9. I’m also biased towards light colour dial on a Datejust. If it’s an Oyster Perpetual then dark dial as it’s sportier.
  10. Rolex all the way. Don’t settle because others your age prefer all stainless steel. When you hit 40, you will appreciate the two tone.
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  11. Hi, I posted earlier choosing between three 31mm TT DJs (YG x white dial, RG x white dial, RG x black dial) -- I went to an AD earlier today and picked up the RG x black dial combination. I'm also a uni student and had similar thoughts, which is why I forwent diamonds and chose Roman numerals instead. I wouldn't worry too much about people our age not wearing TT Rolexes –– someone mentioned earlier in this thread (in response to my question) that since this is your watch, it should be something that you feel happy about (and excited to wear around)! I think watches are very personal, and as such, it really depends on how you plan to wear it (e.g. other jewellery/clothes/bags/shoes etc.) in terms of your worries about it being too mature. I'm obviously a bit biased towards Rolex since I just got one and we're on a Rolex thread, but I think the TT is absolutely beautiful and isn't too mature (and also will pair well with your love bracelet!). The cyclops lens is a Rolex signature and the watch is so beautifully intricate... If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me; I'd be happy to help out in any shape or form:smile:
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  12. Have you tried rose gold TT? I also once thought TT datejust was too mature for me, until I tried on the rose gold, I fell in love straight away, and I’m nowhere near 40! I think rolex makes a beautiful statement jewellery at any age, I see mine as my forever pretty bracelet
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  13. I have never seen one in real life but I saw a few modelling shots on Instagram. I really like how subtle and feminine rg/ss is.
    I was actually interested in rg/ss with white dial. However, I am a bit obsessed when it comes to matching metals/hardware. Everything has to match. I don’t own any rg jewelry and most of my bags have yg hardware. I’m afraid that I’ll be annoyed if my jewelry and my bag hardware don’t match.
    Nevertheless, I’ll check the rg ones out the next time I visit an AD. Maybe the colour difference won’t bother me that much. Thank you for the recommendation!
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  14. I'm 30 & wear white, yellow & rose gold jewellery/bag hardware. I have a SS & RG Datejust which I adore & I get so many lovely compliments on it.

    IMG_9905.JPG IMG_9907.JPG
  15. Nice watch! I am looking forward picking up my watches when I am back in the UK. Decided to buy myself a Nomos watch too :smile:
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