Rolex owners: What do you have?

  1. Kat..I love yours..what model is it?
  2. Thanks, Clinkenwar. I'm not sure, actually.:shame: It's an older timepiece. I wanted a grey face. I bought it at Torneau. It is a previously-owned timepiece. Maybe the model # is on the paperwork. I'll see if I can find it.
  3. I have an older Rolex fropm the 90's. It is womens' size and has a jubliee band. I was in Tourneau last week and know they have several preowned ones in excellent condition. I think they have a website as well....
  4. Kat, I don't see you picture for some reason... it says "hotlinking is disabled". I want to see your gorgeous watch! :yes:
  5. I would love to get a "Pearlmaster" with a black MOP face or a "President" with a fluted dial and platinum bracelet.
  6. How much is the 31mm 'mid-size'? I love it and had seen pictures before but didn't know the name. Thanks.
  7. Wow I own the Air King with the Black face. I don't like the large size watches so I went with the midsize. I think it's an awesome watch. Would be so funny to run into a girl who wore the same watch as me lol:nuts: Maxter, nice watch hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My mom has two. She has a white gold oyster lady datejust with a pink face, diamonds for the numbers, fluted bezel and jubilee bracelet. She also has 28 year old boys size watch (in between the size of a men's and women's). It's is a day date with the oyster band and black face. My dad bought it for her and she has wonderfully decided to let me use it now.

    Now my stepdad is a whole other ball game. He has 6 Rolex's. My fave was the yellow gold presidential with diamond bezel and diamonds in the number positions. He purchased it second hand and was absolutely ecstatic when he bought it. It's one of those watches that belongs in the front display window of a jewelry store. His daily watch was a white gold day date with white face, roman numerals at each position and presidential bracelet. He also has a stainless submariner with black face. Another stainless submariner with blue face. There is also yellow gold datejust and a white gold day datejust with white face and diamonds at the numbers. For Christmas 4 years ago, I bought him a watch box lined in suede to store his collection of Rolex's and Omega's. He has 3 Omega's. I love the titanium one, I got to wear that a few times.

    Rolex makes beautiful watches! I would definetely suggest getting one. If you have a chance, go to Switzerland and check out Bucherer, they have a massive display of them, it's an entire room!
  9. I have the Ladies Yacht-master . DH gave her to me a few yrs ago
  10. I'll try posting it again. Here goes ......

  11. here's mine. It's like what most of you have ... 31mm datejust -two tone, oyster bracelet. I have a small wrist but i prefer men's size watch. this size is just perfect for me :smile: love it:heart:
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  12. Thank you! I just noticed this post today..... I also love the look of the Roadster and the Tank, I had my eye on a Santos for the longest time, but when it came down to it I asked myself if I were only to get one more watch what would it be and when I put this Rolex on that was it! Not sure if it's the last watch I'll ever get but for some reason I just couldn't imagine getting a Cartier instead of a Rolex.....maybe in addittion...... Rolex to me just seems to be the most classic and I don't think I'll grow out of it in 20 years......
  13. wow, all these comments about how it looks new after so many many years. geez....tempting me to go get one. i don't think i could afford one though.
  14. I've been finding myself doing more and more Rolex research... hmm... may call around soon to ask about preowned Rolexes... we'll see!
  15. ^^ cool, good luck, my model just came out in the fall I believe, it's the datejust but the revised/updated one. It really makes the smooth bezel look amazing IMO, all of the smooth metal is now polished instead of brushed, and the bracelet (band) is solid link instead of hollow. If you have the opportunity to get to a retailer to compare do it so you can see what I mean.......You may want to wait until you can find some of these newer models in re-sale, it's totally worth it to wait for the new datejust IMO!