Rolex owners - hologram sticker.

  1. Those of you who own a Rolex, what do you do with the hologram sticker on the case back? Do you leave yours there as is or do you remove it and stick it on the paperwork, somewhere else, etc?
  2. I leave it there.
  3. But it rubs off eventually, right, if left there? I just got my watch on Saturday and I looked at the sticker today as I was taking pics and it looks like there's already some minor wear on it. So, will it eventually just turn to a clear or greeny plastic if all the hologram wears off?
  4. it is disgusting to leave it on it will soaking with sweat start smelling funky and get mold *yummy* :throwup: always remove it and put it on the papers :yes:
  5. Lol!!! I like your description! Eeew:throwup: but the point really hits home.:roflmfao: Thanks lilach!:flowers: I'm gonna remove mine ASAP and stick it on the papers. You saved me from an otherwise inevitable decent into funky mouldy-hood or is that mouldy funkiness?:lol:
  6. I took it off once it started peeling.
  7. There's a lot of discussion about this on Rolex forums everywhere. Some people leave it on, some people think leaving it on is the equivilant of leaving the tags hanging off of purchases. I removed mine immediately and put it in the box it came in. One day I might want to sell it and I will have the sticker. ;)
  8. Mine is removed ... and I actually don't know where I put it lol! Well, it's been 16 years!
  9. I removed mine immediately. Things like that drive me nuts! I knew it would start to roll up and fall off anyway so I just took it off as soon before I started to wear it.
  10. Thanks so much for all your input, ladies!:flowers:

    So last night I grew a pair:P and went to remove that green hologram sticker. It didn't peel easily at all! In fact, I had to dig my nails into it to even lift it on the side. I then slowly peeled it back but a lot of it kinda stuck to the caseback, like a well stuck-on sticker label. It was already the point of no return coz to try to stick it back just looked poxy so I lifted it all the way back. It was a mess. There were bits of green still stuck onto the caseback so I had to use a small piece of sticky tape to lift that all out.

    Suffice to say, my green hologram sticker looks cruddy. I kept it anyway.:rolleyes: Oh well, I don't really mind. Was a bit of a shock at first but now I'm over it. I read somewhere that the presence of a hologram sticker isn't really important when trying to re-sell, not that I'm thinking of re-selling mine though. I'm so in love with it!:love: But who knows in the future, lol!
  11. I just purchased a brand new Rolex and my jeweler said to leave it on. He said it protects some hologram or something so I'm leaving mines on for now.
  12. Yeah, it does protect the hologram coz as I was removing my sticker, the hologram got really damaged. Parts of it lifted with the sticker and parts remained on the caseback, kinda sticky-like. Maybe it's just coz my sticker was so firmly stuck that it left sticky residue, which included bits of the hologram. It's ok, I'm not heartbroken or panicked, lol. I love my watch so hologram or no hologram, doesn't bother me. Actually I really like the look of the smooth steel caseback, lol! Better than green anyway.:graucho:

    ETA: Oops, forgot to congratulate you on your new watch!:nuts: :yahoo:CONGRATS, JAZZ!!! Wooohoooo!:party:

    Which style did you get? Oooh, can't wait to see pics!
  13. Thank you!!! I was just about to make a soon as I can figure out the picture thingy.:wacko:
  14. Mine hologram fell off after years of use.
    And I lost my box too! I tried swipe my dad's nice watch box but last time I asked him---he said he threw his away.:hysteric:
  15. I removed my sticker too. I think it will gather a lot of bacteria from all the sweat and grim if u leave it on. But it was a mess too; I was expecting it to peel off nicely, darn.