Rolex or J12

  1. Im about to get a new Rolex this week, the 31mm ss Oyster bracelet with black dial. But the Chanel J12 is just soooo iressistible and I'm torn between the 2. I already have a 26mm gold and steel rolex, jubilee bracelet with white dial and want a chunky watch so i decided to have the 31mm reserved til friday. Which would you choose between the 2?
  2. i would pick the J 12 only becauseyou already have a rolex. if you did not own one then i would have suggested the 31 mm rolex.:drool:
  3. Which J12?

    The automatic one with leather strap is very very value for money, I feel.

    But if u are getting the ceramic strap version, then I think its overpriced. For that money, Rolex.
  4. the ceramic one....i think its a bit overpriced too:confused1:
  5. the ceramic one is scratch resistant and my friends swear by it . a couple of my friends love it and especially bought it for the ceramic strap in fact i would say if youwant to go for the leather one DONT. the speciality of J12 and its identity is cermaic strap.
  6. I would have said Rolex, but since you already have one, then maybe you should go for the J12. However, if i did have to choose between the two I would say Rolex.
  7. J12! J12! J12!!!!

    I may be getting one next month :graucho:. Personally I'm not too interested in a Rolex right now because I'm smitten with the J12!

    Especially since you already have a Rolex, might as well go for something a little different. J12! lol!

    Which one? Black or white ceramic? Stones?

    I get so excited about watches...this one in particular!

    Let us know what you go for, either one is beautiful!!!
  8. I personally don't care for the rolex, I like the j12, and since you already have other rolex watches, go for something different
  9. I'd go for the J12 since you have a rolex. The price is suppose to go up too. Its so different than other watches. I'm having the same problem. Cartier roadster or J12.
  10. When buying a watch, I consider
    - History, legacy
    - Complications
    - Prestige
    - Design, and the image i want to project
    - And investment/resale value

    Its the same with a car. If Chanel made a chic car, will u buy it? Or will u buy a similarly priced fuddy duddy Mercedes?
  11. If you already have a Rolex, go with the J12 for a bit of variety.
  12. When it comes to resale value, history, prestige I guess rolex would be the best buy. For design, maybe the J12 :drool: What you think? :graucho:
  13. Would you know exactly how much the price of the J12 is? I prefer the simple white ceramic, 33mm, with no stones. I believe its just about the same price as the rolex 31mm.
  14. J-12. A little variety is nice. You already have a fine Rolex. The J-12 is fashionable and fun. Both good options for your wardrobe.
  15. If money doesn't matter, I will go for a J12.