rolex or hermes birkin??

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  1. Both are status pieces.
    My question: which Rolex? The Rolex you would keep for many years, I hope and would pass it on to a loved one. Don't know if you can say the same about the Birkin.
    Good luck.
  2. birkinnn
  3. Rolex--they take up less room and you've got less watches than bags.
  4. -Now what is a sensible person doing on this thread?! (jk):heart:

  5. Well, with two Birkins and only one Rolex (well with #2 on the way...), I need to even out the universe...even by proxy!
  6. ROLEX- lady datejust 36mm, two-tone with MOP and diamonds
  7. definitely a rolex!
  8. I vote Birkin! I get bored of watches too easily.
  9. This thread is old!
  10. My vote is Birkin! High resale value and I think it is harder to buy.
  11. Birkin a thousand times over.
  12. :graucho:
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