rolex or hermes birkin??

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  1. choice of a steel gold rolex with damond markers or an hermes birkin orange. in love with both but which would you choose????

    bags i have
    classic flap chanel- black lambskin
    gucci tote black
    prada 2007 ss cpllection- white and beige
    lv speedy

    watches i own
    cartier santos demosille full gold with diamonds
    omega steel with diamonds on bezel

    considering what i already have which would it be ??
  2. I would go fot the Birkin, but that's probably because I'm definitely not a Rolex-person.
  3. Since you already have nice watches maybe you should go for the Hermes
  4. hmmmm... DH thinks rolex is a better buy. i feel for hermes at this moment in time...
  5. Birkin of course. But then again, I don't like rolex.
  6. Both are investment pieces that should increase in value over time. I say Rolex though.
  7. That's a tough one, but I'd go with the Rolex. Mostly b/c I don't have a watch, but do have a nice selection of lovely handbags. Also, I have a PHH who would much prefer me to buy jewelery than handbags.
  8. Birkin!!!
  9. I am not a fan of the steel/gold combo on Rolex's and since you have a smoking hot Santos, I would get the Birkin!
  10. Birkin, that's more exclusive than the Rolex that's been selling everywhere.
  11. As luck would have it . . . . I have Both (steel/gold rolex with diamonds and an Orange birkin) so here is my experienced decision.

    Go for the birkin. The rolex is a great watch but so are your other watches. Birkins are way harder to come by than a rolex. If you could get your hand on a birkin . . .don't pass it up. My orange birkin is my favorite
  12. I'm not a fan of either one as their are a bit of a cliche, but if someone offered me my choice of the two I'd take the Rolex. It has more staying power, less chance of aging poorly, and a good resale value should you get tired of it down the line.
  13. Birkin esp as it is orange too :smile:
  14. To preface this, I am not a big Rolex fan. I think I'd go w/ the Birkin.
  15. Birkin.