rolex or cartier *pics attached*

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  1. which one do i get? rolex midsize steel gold or cartier santos steel gold mid size.
    sorry the pic shows the big size but i was looking at midsize for either of the watches.

    already have
    an omega steel with diamond bezel lady size
    a cartier santos demosille full gold with diamonds on the bezel. mini size:heart:

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  2. I'm voting for the rolex! it's a classic... plus, i like round dials better than boxy ones.
  3. i'm gonna go with the cartier. i'm not too fond of gold faces. the cartier looks more elegant, the rolex more sporty. i guess it depends on what look you are trying to achieve. both are nice though.
  4. Since you already have a cartier santos with diamonds, and an omega with diamonds, I suggest buying the rolex for a more sportier/fun watch.
  5. I agree I'm for the cartier....:heart:
  6. I agree x
  7. Go with the Rolex to add some variety to your collection!
  8. I like the Cartier much better.
  9. You already have a Cartier so go with the Rolex.
  10. Rolex
  11. cartier for me, i'm not liking the rolex.
  12. Cartier for sure!!
  13. Rolex! it looks so much better!
  14. I like that particular cartier better than the rolex.
  15. I like the Cartier