Rolex + nickel

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  1. I am close to pulling the trigger on a rolex SS watch. Now in my OCD of research online, I find out rolex uses a stainless steel which contains more nickel than most. I have a problem with nickel. For example, when I got my ears repierced a couple of years ago, I had to get platinum posts because I was having trouble with silver or 14K --which I can wear once they are totally healed. Years ago I got my first Rolex (gold) because I had trouble with the costume jewelry bracelet on my watch.
    So now I must decide whether to take a chance on SS Rolex, or look at something else - Omega or Breitling maybe (I want automatic). Or just keep wearing my old Movado.
    Anyone with nickel allergies who has experience with Rolex SS?
    Opinions on Rolex vs Omega or Brietling? I believe you do get more for your money with the latter two.:wondering
  2. i have no experience with nickel allergies so i'm of no help there :sad:

    personally, i prefer rolex. i love their designs and quality. and i admit, part of the appeal to me is the branding and how recognized it is. :shame: but omega and brietling are nothing to sneeze at either. both make beautiful watches. at the right store, you can negotiate a better price for an omega or brietling. so you'll get much more for your money.
  3. OP if you are at all concerned that you might have a reaction to the metal used by Rolex then I would not get one as its a lot of money to spend, the AD your buying it from would they let you take it back if you had a problem & change it for a different make watch instead, I like both brietling & omega I probaly would choose the brietling as I really like the strap design on the brietling.
  4. i also have nickel allergies, i don't have any problems wearing Rolexes, i also never heard of Rolexes containing more nickel than other SS watches.
  5. ^^^ Neither have I. And Rolex has extremely high purity standards for their stainless steel.
  6. thanks all
    I went to to jewelers today. They both said they were unaware of the stainless rolex uses containing more nickel. They also said they had never had a customer complain about a reaction to the metal.
    It is a lot of money to risk but I'm tempted.
    I looked at Omega today and surprisingly for the model I looked at, it was not much less money than the Rolex. In fact, with the Omega having a date feature (which I don't need) vs. the Rolex I want, the price was a bit higher on the Omega.
  7. anyone else with nickel-sensitive skin wearing Rolex?
  8. I am nickel sensitive and I have worn DBF's Rolex without any issues.
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    I know this is an old thread, but I found it because I DID just have an allergic reaction to my new SS Rolex. I didn't know about the 904L stainless steel until I researched this problem after I got a rash and swelling on my wrist. When I bought the new Rolly, I specifically asked about the metals, and told the SA I was allergic to nickel. She just gave me a spiel about Rolex metallurgy, without telling me that they use 904L which is 23% -28% nickel instead of 316L, surgical stainless, which is hypoallergenic.

    Rolex should disclose this information to their customers. It's a serious problem for some people.

    I should add that Rolex made this change around 1999, prior to that their SS was 316L.
  10. And that rules out a rolex for me.
  11. Same here
  12. :sad: I think this means I can't wear a Rolex either
    I'm assuming a gold Rolex would be ok though as their solid gold aren't they ?
  13. I have nickel allergy and wear a stainless steel Rolex everyday with no problems. Thr same goes for a couple of my friends who was nervous about the same, started out with borrowing a Rolex from me, had no problems and bougth their own.
    My nickle allergy is pretty bad with other items, but never had a problem with Rolex.
  14. Did some major darling AD is letting me exchange my SS/Everose for a Breitling SS 316L/Rosegold.

    I'm not very happy with Rolex. This info about 904L should be disclosed at point of sale. Some people rely on it, more so than others. Most people won't notice the difference, but I have very sensitive skin and allergies to alloys. Rolex needs to smarten up. Check out the little brochures watch companies put out at the AD's. Most will tout their use of 316L like no body's business, and Rolex remains mum.
    They know.
    Additionally, Rolex has indeed been sued before re their use of radioactive bezels. They need to
    re-asses their priorities.

    904L belongs on a submarine. Not on my wrist.
  15. That is absolutely crazy that they would use that much nickel when so many people have allergies! My best earrings were made in platinum or palladium white gold because I did not want to risk allergies for myself or for my family members who will eventually get them.

    Thank you for posting about this as I would have never known. Crazy to think about spending $10k+ on a watch that isn't even made with surgical stainless! Now that makes me wonder about Cartier as that was really what I had my eye on.
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