Rolex Mother of Pearl face on diamond dial worth extra $1750???

  1. Rolex Mother of Pearl face on diamond dial worth extra $1750???

    I am considered a ladies datejust with diamond dial and Mother of Pearl face but the Mother of Pearl is adds an extra $1750!:sweatdrop:

    Any Rolex MOP dial owners feel that a MOP dial is worth the dramatic price increase?
  2. WOW!! I thought the diamonds AND MOP added $1750.. but you mean only the MOP??
    Personally, I find that exhorbitant.
    I own a Rolex (no MOP) and a Tag with MOP and diamonds. I paid a total of $2200 for the whole TAG! lol

    I know it's Rolex.. but come on.. MOP is MOP no matter who sets it in their watches!
    Just my opinion of course! :shame:
  3. The diamond dial adds around $1750 also...I have heard that MOP just adds to the price simply because its more expensive, it just seems like a lot!
  4. It seems like a lot to me as well. BUT, if you won't be satisfied w/o it.. then I say, splurge and do it all at once. You will never regret it. Everytime you look at it, it will make you smile!

    Keep us updated!! :yes:
  5. No! its important to you....

    But likes others have said, if its gonna make your heart sing, in the long will not regret it and it is worth it.
  6. MOP is a bit more glamorous but imo it makes the wearer look older sometimes, esp since the design is already v "classic". A sharp color can also be v chic. How much more would u like the watch if its MOP? If its just 10%, maybe u can add the MOP dial later?
  7. Yers its worth it, but bargain like hell!!!!!

  8. The AD told me that MOP is the only dial color that Rolex will not change for some reason...

  9. Haha, will do!:yes:
  10. Are you sure? Cause I thought one of my friends did change it to MOP. Maybe you can check with the Rolex Service Center.
  11. I'm not a very big fan of MOP in general (I agree with the other poster who said it tends to look older) so this would not be a worthwhile expense to me, but if you love MOP, then maybe.
  12. Thats how I feel. Its not that I wouldnt pay when the watch is so costly anyway. Its more the issue of what looks best. Im wondering if the white is more clean looking and sets off the diamonds better. I cant tell 100% from the photos. The pearl face almost takes on an off white look (or rainbow looking depending on the angle). I would love to see some irl to be sure. I can imagine both being lovely though.
  13. The all white datejust with diamonds wasnt available with a white face at either the stores that i went to. I was told it is not common with the diamonds as it is too white and the diamonds dont show up as well as they do in the 2 tone version. The white diamond dial in an all white datejust in any of their stores but they said they could order it from Rolex...The MOP is almost similar to the silver face which has a little shimmer however I like the MOP better since you do see slight reflections of other colors.