rolex-mid size steel gold or mid size full gold?

  1. Its my first rolex.:smile:
    i already own a steel omega with diamonds and a cartier mini full gold santos damosille with diamonds:yahoo:.

    So what do i pick a steel gold mid size rolex with champagne dial and diamond markins o
    full gold rolex with champagne dial or white dial and no diamonds???:confused1:

    suggestions , advice please
  2. hey girls would really appreciate some advice
  3. Well, if you wanna hear a guys opinion: For me it's either steel or gold, but never both. So I would go for gold!
  4. If you like gold, then go for the full gold.
  5. I wear a stainless and gold every day and love it. My next Rolex will be a HUGE solid gold men's Rolex. I'm a girl.
  6. I'ld go for full gold!!!:drool:
  7. Hey if you already have a full gold cartier, why not go for steel and gold rolex? :graucho:
  8. Full Gold with MOP Diamond Dial:graucho:
  9. full gold