Rolex/mechanical watch owner advice - re) resetting date - switches at noon now!

  1. This is a bit of a dumb post, but I can't figure out what to do about it... I hadn't worn my Rolex in awhile so the movement stopped. I reset the date and time, and the time is fine, but it now keeps on switching the date at noon rather than midnight!

    I've tried to reset it manually after noon to the correct date for the last couple of days, but it won't turn at the right point. Any advice? Should I be trying to reset it at midnight?
  2. You have to put your time forward 12 hours, the watch thinks it's midnight when it's noon and vice versa. When I just changed mine for daylight savings the same thing happened to me because I set it for 3am when it was really 3 pm, hope you understand I'm terrible at explaining things in writing.....
  3. Oh, I get what you mean - I've been trying to correct it by changing the date itself (the 1st pop out), but it sounds like I actually need to change to clock hands part (the 2nd pop out) - cool... I'll try that!

    Thanks Lola!