Rolex help!

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  1. I posted about vintage Rolex awhile ago and was directed to the Rolex Forums board, which I joined. Posted, asked for authentification and comment, got one comment that could not help with authentification. I'm not *****ing but that board just seems very busy and I don't want to piss anyone off by repeatedly posting - especially given that I'm a noob and they mostly seem very knowledgeable.

    Is there anywhere (online) I can go and possibly even pay for an authentification? I am interested in a vintage 40's men's Rolex on ebay but it is an expensive item and I have very little knowledge of this brand. I just can't allow myself to make an impulse purchase here without having the item vetted thoroughly.

    Here is a link to the specific watch for anyone who wants to check it out:
  2. Sorry I can't be of much help to you, I just wanted to say that I've had a very similar experience on that board. Makes me appreciate tPF so much more! :love:
  3. op,

    You can not have authenticate by using pictures as purses.
    It must be in physical for them to open up and checking the inside parts.
  4. also, when purchasing Rolex, buy your seller first.
  5. "Buy your seller"? Is that a typo? Not being *****y, I honestly don't get what you mean here. I would rather have the watch but if the seller is for sale, too, I do need some work done around the house. :biggrin:
  6. Heehee... I had to think twice about this one too, when I first heard it.

    It basically means, to only buy from reputable sellers that you've done your research on. It's risky to buy a "good deal' from an iffy seller - instead, stick with the sellers who have a good reputation for customer service and selling only authorized products. You might pay a bit more (even that's a maybe) for a similar item, but you have some peace of mind knowing it's authentic, they'll service for you, there's recourse with the if it arrives not as expected, etc, etc...

    Doing a search here or on other forums may help you when researching sellers. Good luck!

    ETA: Gah, I hope I interpreted that saying correctly!
  7. Yes, you were.

    Some sellers may stiff but they are indeed the most reliable ones.
  8. You're better off asking this in a watch forum, not purse forum - no offense.
    But you do realise some old pieces, they might have replaces some of its parts with non original ones right?
    Buying vintages and to know that the parts are still original is not easy at all.
  9. Hello all and thank you to all the people who posted here and helped me. I was directed via PM to another watch forum that had a specific Vintage Rolex subsection and got some very good help/advice from the posters there. I also checked the seller out thoroughly and found he had been OK-ed at another (specifically Rolex) forum as well. So we made a few counteroffers back and forth this afternoon and finally came to a deal.

    I am going to start a thread about this watch and vintage Rolex in general to see if there are any other enthusiasts here. Thanks for all of your help and advice!