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  1. My husband wants to get me a rolex watch. I'm interested in the midsize Datejust 31mm Oyster Perpetual. I like the steel, domed bezel with oyster bracelet.

    Now the hard part. I don't know what color dial or what type of markers to get.

    I like pink, or silver or white face. Which one do you prefer?

    Roman numerals or arabic numerals or index hour markers? Which one do you prefer?

    Which choices does celebrity usually go for? Thanks in advance!
  2. If you're near a Rolex dealer, my suggestion is to try them all on. Mine is a 31mm stainless/18K date just, white face with roman numerals.

    As far as celebrity's, who cares what you like ;)
  3. I prefer the silver or pink dial over white. I was never fond of white dials. I think Roman numerals are the most elegant.
  4. I like the classic look of the white dial with roman numerals:tup:
  5. Is roman numerals pretty recent design? When did rolex started making watches with Roman numerals?
  6. I agree, you are going to wear it so go try them on. Mine is the 31mm 18k perpetual date just, gold face with markers. I have had it almost 20 years and never take it off except to have the maintenance done about every 7 years...
  7. I'm looking to buy one too and can't decide. I'm just hoping that when I go to the Rolex dealer and try them on it's going to be easy to decide.

    regarding your question, I would go for silver or white with roman.

  8. I have the rhodium dial with numerals in my mid-size,its a very dark silver,and makes the numerals really stand out. Rolex have been doing their watches with roman numerals for ever,they were thin ones when they first started,and now they do the bigger wider ones that are in mine,they have been around for ages too.The numerals in mine,and on all dials are 18k gold.

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  9. silver or the salmon dial for me.
  10. Go for pink face with Roman numerals!

    I have a mid-size Oyster steel bracelet with Roman numerals with a blue face and a ladies Jubilee steel bracelet with Roman numerals with a pink face. I love both of them but I'm really enjoying the mid-size watch now!!! I think the Roman numerals are very pretty!!

  11. I love the pink "oyster" face....
  12. I would suggest the white MOP (Mother of Pearl). I have it, and am in love with it. It changes colors depending on the light. Sooo pretty.
  13. I have the white MOP also...Its gorgeous and I am in love with it!, it's more pricey then the other dials though...
  14. I'm thinking of the Mop dial too. I want either pink of black MOP. If anyone has one, can you post pictures? thanks
  15. After trying God knows how many watches last week, I definitely know that I want datejust mid-size and jubilee bracelet with MOP!!! although I can't decide between white MOP 10 diamond dial or white gold dust MOP 10 diamond dial, and after my experience in Geneva I know that the easiest way to decide would be to try them on.

    MOP is more expensive but I think it makes a big big difference so it's well worth it