Rolex Experts please advise

Oct 3, 2007
I am looking into replacing the dials on two different Rolex watches that I own. The first is an all stainless steel, fluted bezel jubilee bracelet with a flower dial in tobacco. I want to replace the flower dial and give it to my son for his graduation gift. I took the watch to a local well known jewelry chain store for advice and estimate. I was told that there are a very limited number of dials I can choose from. It shouldn't be an issue since he wants a white dial with stick markers. The hands will have to be changed as well since the sticks are in lume. The estimate with service is around $800. I certainly can't get him even a used Rolex for that price, so it seems like a good deal.

My second watch is a TT stainless/yellow gold, fluted bezel, jubilee bracelet which currently has a bronze dial. I really liked it when I purchased it, but the bronze honestly doesn't go with much. Looks great with Fall colors, but that's about it. Of course I bought it in the fall! I really want a more versatile look. I fell in love with the gray mother of pearl with roman numerals. I'm guessing I would have to change the hands on it as well since they are currently lume. My question is, after hearing there are a limited number of choices/changes available, does anyone know where I can look to see what my options are? I was also told that Rolex will only allow you to change it once. That really doesn't bother me given the classic combinations we are looking at, but again wondering if anyone knows where I can find the "rules" on replacements. I also heard that if you make "unauthorized" changes if you every send to Rolex for services they will change it back to the original state and charge you for that. Would love to know if that's true. Again, shouldn't be a problem if using an authorized dealer. Thanks in advance for any insight that anyone has.


Mar 23, 2009
I first purchased (new) a 31mm SS (stainless steel) & RG (rose gold), fluted RG bezel, black dial with RG romans, jubilee SS & RG bracelet about 8 yrs ago. I recently went back to my original dealer & requested rolex to change (bling) it up. I was told no for a diamond bezel because the case was SS (they'd only do it if my case were gold to begin with). So, I asked of pricing for a grey MOP (mother of pearl) dial with diamond markers vs. a grey MOP dial with RG roman markers. I was told the grey MOP dial with romans would be ~CAD$2500 & a grey MOP dial with diamond markers would be ~CAD$5000. I chose the MOP-Romans option. And yes, it's true: Rolex does keep your original dial because they do not risk their genuine parts being resold. I picked it up this week. It's very beautiful .. a total thrill .. it's like I having a brand new watch all over again. My advice to anyone contemplating this would be to wait the 5 yrs & have the upgrade done during servicing. Servicing was quoted to me at ~CAD$500 however, my upgrade with servicing came in at CAD$2677.