Rolex Dial Choices

  1. I am getting my first Rolex and just thought I'd get opinions on dials. I am planning right now on the Silver Concentric dial.
    I like the pink/salmon color but am afraid in the long run I will tire of it. I don't care for the black or blue, and I find white to be a little boring - though I am sure classic. I am doing the midsize and I don't want it to be too masculine.
    I plan on having this watch for a long time - my friends say I always THINK it will be a long time- truth is that they are probably right. I am hoping this time I suprise them and me!!!!! It is alot to spend on a watch and I'd like to stay committed to it, perhaps my daughter will wear it one day.
    I love the MOP but it is way too much for me to justify spending that much more for just the dial.
    Any and all thoughts/opinions are appreciated!!!!
    Oh,I am doing Stainless steel with polished bezel- I'm not crazy about the fluted bezel! And I don't dress up alot, but do want it to look like a "girl" watch.
    Sorry this is sooooo long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The silver concentric dial sounds cool in mid-size with smooth bezel. What style of bracelet do you want? Jubilee is a bit more dressier than the Oyster style bracelet.

    I have a pink colored Rolex face with Roman numerals and fluted bezel in stainless steel with a Jubilee bracelet- Ladies Datejust that I love!! I've gotten lots of compliments on the pink face and it looks nice with my skin tone.

    I bought this year a mid-size Datejust Oyster stainless bracelet with a blue face/Roman numerals/smooth bezel because I wanted it to look different from my 1st Rolex (even though I still have Roman numerals on both watches.) It's more sportier, IMO, than my other watch. I wore my pink Rolex for three years straight - everyday!!! And now I alternate between the two watches depending on my outfits. (I can't even wear any of my old watches anymore because I love my two Rolex watches!)

    Check out this thread for more ideas:

    Good luck with your choice!!!
  3. I am also getting my first Rolex. I have decide on the ladies size because I am very petite and the ladies size actually looks pretty chunky on me. I also want something that is classic and that I will wear for a very logn time and pass down to my daughter(although I'm not even married yet lol) I am getting the jubliee band, its looks more feminine on my small wrist. I decided to get the diamond dial since it also drastically changes the look of the watch and makes it look more simple and feminine imo. I also LOVE the MOP face but it is SOO MUCH MORE!! its crazy! but I think that I will regret it in the long run if I dont get what I love the most...Have you thought about the diamond dial with silver face? that would look GORGEOUS with the polished dial in the midsize!! I personally do find the midsize with roman dial a little bit masculine. I really prefer the clean look that the diamon dial has comared to the roman dial...
  4. I own the Lady Datejust, champagne dial with roman numerals and SS/18kYG Jubilee band.. whew, that's a mouthful!
    Anyway... I love it, the only thing I would change is get the diamond markers rather than numerals.. at the time it was $2000 more for the diamonds so I stuck to the roman numerals... which is why I recently bought myself a Tag Aquaracer with MOP/diamond dial.. I love it. So now I have the best of both worlds without the crazy price tag!

    Your choice sounds lovely as well. No matter what Rolex, you will LOVE it!
  5. U can always change the dial for a small price. So just pick what u like for the moment and change it later once u want a new look. Or upgrade it later with diamonds and rubies. If u r getting datejust, the options are limitless.

    Furthermore u can get after-market ones too. I usually try to go for unique ones, they can fetch better prices if i want to re-sell, like stone or meteorite. U can even get jade for after-market ones.