Rolex datejust: 26mm or 31mm? steel oyster or jubilee bracelet?

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  1. I am thinking on getting a Rolex datejust but I can't decide on the size or the bracelet.

    I have decided on the dial, I like the white gold dial with 10 diamonds and fluted bezel. Which bracelet do you think it goes best with it?

    Which size, lady (26mm) or 31 mm? I have small wrists.

  2. you mean the white diamond dial with wg fluted bezel?

    I have the silver diamond dial and black diamond dial. Both are 31mm, in ss/wg fluted bezel with jubilee bracelet. My wrist is less than 6".

    the 26" one is nowaday too small for me.
  3. I mean the silver diamond dial with white gold fluted bezel (Rolex reference G4), sorry it wan't too clear. Same as yours, I think.
    My wrist is 5.5''. I quite fancy the 31mm too as nowadays big watches are in, but I'm scared in few years I will regret.

  4. I have the 26mm ladies size Rolex MOP diamond dial and 18k white gold flued bezel. I definitely prefer the ladies size on me. I have very small wrists, less then 5". For me it wasn't even an option because the 26mm is pretty chunky on me. Bigger watches are in right now and I now that there are ladies who have been wearing the midsize for years and love it! I don't think it would ever be out of style because Rolex is such a classic watch. I would definitly try them both on and really see which you like better on your wrist. The size is a personal prefrence and I don't think you can go wrong either way! I woudl love to see pics when you get it!
  5. Can you get both sizes? :upsidedown:
    I have the ladies size with rose MOP dial, white gold fluted bezel and oyster bracelet. I want a 31mm too with same dial and bracelet, but with a diamond bezel. I do agree that the 31mm will go out of style. It's a classic and not overly huge anyway so when the time comes that big watches will not be in fashion, it won't look ridiculous.

    I think the fluted bezel looks better with the oyster bracelet, but that's my opinion. You should try both out to see which one you love more :yes:
  6. I also think that the fluted bezel looks better with the oyster bracelet.

    I have a 26 mm and my wrist is a little over 5". The 31 mm looked too bulky on me when I tried it. But do go try them on and see which one you like better. :smile: My sister's wrist is about the same size as mine but the 31 mm looked great on her, better then the 26 mm.
  7. I have the mid-size,on a jubilee bracelet,and 5" wrists.I was a bit worried about going for a bigger watch as they seemed to be a very 'in' thing.I need'nt have worried though,that was 6 years ago,and the trend for bigger watches is firmly part of watch buying for ladies now.
    In fact I love wearing a big watch so much,I have a gents GMT2 and am getting the Explorer 2 back today,I had the dial changed from black to white. I rarely wear my mid-size now,but there are occasions that call for a more lady-like watch,so I'll keep it.

    But I think bigger watches on girls look very cute,and if you have a diamond dot dial,that will keep it very feminine and pretty.I would go for the jubilee bracelet,but thats just a personal preference.

    You could always purchase a separate bracelet at a later stage,and get your jeweller to swap them over when you want a change,a cheaper way of owning 'two' watches!!
  8. Thank you all girls for your comments. This is the watch I like. The photo is for the 26mm, but after reading your posts, I think I'm going to go for the 31mm.

    vogue Salamanca.jpg
  9. i work with watches and my opinion is get the Oyster bracelet. The jubilee is pretty but it gets stretched faster . if you wear it loose that is how it gets stretched and its really hard almost impossible to fix that on a jubilee bracelet. Hope this helps.
  10. I have the 31 mm mid-size and my wrists are pretty small (I wear a Cartier 17 bracelet for reference) - I think the 26 mm looks too dainty unless you're very feminine. I would also go with the oyster bezel.
  11. Thats so true,a jubilee bracelet should be worn snugly,as they stretch like crazy.And once its gone,it can't be fixed.
    The newer models with the concealed clasps on the bracelets have a much more solid construction to them and are a little less prone to stretching.
    Some ladies prefer the jubilee,as it can keep a bigger watch looking a little more feminine,and the oyster with its smoother flatter links can show scratches a little more easily,depends how you treat it though.
    My Rolex with a jubilee is about 6 years old now,and was worn constantly until I got my GMT2 recently,and the bracelet shows no stretching,but is as Booga says,it needs to be worn properly fitted,or you'll ruin it.
  12. Oh Gosh!!!! it's a very hard decision. After reading all your comments, it's not really clear the bracelet winner yet, but Ive realized that most of you have more than one Rolex ;)
  13. I'm not a fan of the jubilee bracelet. I can't even remember the last time I wore my ladies Datejust.

    I prefer the mid-size. I have an Air King.
  14. Oooh hun!! I worked in the trade for about 15 years,my hubby did too,thats why we have more than one,he's just got a Jaeger le Coultre he's been after for ages,so lucky me I have three Rolex's to go at now!! Two gents sports,plus my misize.But I am 43,and they have'nt all come quickly,so don't worry!! It all comes in time!:tup::heart:

    Ooo,just to add on a bit,I now have access to both styles of bracelets,and it really is a personal preference as they are both quite different looks.But you can buy a separate one at a later date and swap them around,I did that for a few lady clients of mine and it worked very well for them.xxxx
  15. I have a 26mm ladies datejust and I think it is a fairly substantial watch, chunky- not delicate. But I do also have a 33mm chanel J12 and I don't think it is too large, so I am sure 31mm would be great too.

    As for bracelet, my vote is for oyster. I like it so much more than jubilee or president. i think it is sleeker, less fussy and seems more modern.