Rolex Date Question....

  1. Hi everyone,

    As many of you know I recently bought a Rolex datejust. I have been wearing it pretty much all the time in order to keep the time but last night I noticed that the date didn't change to the 2nd at 12:00 am! :wtf: The date stayed on 1 and still hasn't changed and its now 4:00 pm on the 2nd! The time is correct though... and the date was correct before but I never noticed if the date changed before at exactly 12:00 am. I am concerned about this and I don't think it should be happening... Any Rolex owners know wht this may be happening?? :confused1: TIA!
  2. Hmmmm....thats never happened to my rolex watches....there's a way to set the time which will coincide with the date setting. I cant explain it in writing though since its too technical. Maybe Chaz can help. She can pretty much explain to you how to go about it. Or go to your local watch shop and they can teach you how to set it.
  3. Sorry, I've never experienced this with my Rolex. But perhaps, your watch is not set for midnight as opposed to 12 noon? Try changing the time to see if it rolls over but maybe you had the watch set at noon and not midnight for the date to change over.

    Or go back to your Rolex retailer and ask them your question. Hope it works out for you!
  4. there are 31 days in the date cycle. All you have to do is set forward 1 day in the month has 30 days.
    However, the time you change your date is the time the date will change. so watch the time you change to make sure it will move at 12:00am or +- 3 minutes.
  5. But then wouldn't it have changed at 12:00 pm today then...its still on 1 and its 4:25 pm...I haven't set the time, the ad did it as I'm not comfortable doing it myself:shame:
  6. Chanel-girl,
    Please post us any update on your Rolex watch. I'll to know more!

  7. There are 3 pulls when you pull out the crown - 1st is to wind, 2nd is to change the date, 3rd is to set the time. Look at the booklet that came with your watch. But, if you don't feel comfortable setting the time, go back to the authorized dealer and ask them to show you how to do it. Also, explain to them what's happening.... maybe there's a defect with your watch and it needs to be sent to the Rolex repair center - you have a warranty.

    Good luck!
  8. haha! This is a really old thread so I'm sure hope you figured out the answer by now....but I did a search and came across your question! If your watch date doesn't change at 12 midnight it's on the wrong 12 hour cycle. Just turn the watch twelve hours ahead and this will fix the problem. For example, it's now 12:45 as I write this post, just sweep the hour and minute hands around the face of the watch -one time- until the hands come to rest back on 12:45 again. This works if your watch changes date at 12 noon miday instead of 12 midnight.