Rolex charges over $500 to be serviced?!

  1. Is this true? What does servicing involve and how often does this need to be done? Can any reputable jeweler or watch repair shop do this servicing or does it have to be done by Rolex?

    If I pay this much for a watch I would hate to have to keep putting that much money into it...:s

    I am considering purchasing a Rolex so I am very curious...
  2. Sadly that is true. Our jeweler always throws in the first service for free when we buy a new rolex. I do it every 2-3 years. Maybe every 5 for the ones I do not wear as much. I do get them polished every 6-7 months. Good luck and POST a pic of what you buy!!!
  3. Hmm.. I don't think they cost you $500 if there's nothing to be replaced.

    and as far as I know, the authorized Rolex dealer will give the service for free (for simple repair), even when you bought the watch somewhere else.
    I remember my father had his time indicator fallen inside the casing, they will just put it back, and it didn't cost him anything. well but he left some tip for good courtesy, kwim?

    I personally think, purchasing a Rolex is a very good investment, since the price is keep increasing year by year. Rolex is classic!! so go get it asap before the price get more expensive. And don't forget to let us know what style you'd get.

    Good luck! :love:
  4. I had mine for 3 years before I sent mine in for service, but that was because I dropped it and it stopped. Yes, it did cost a pretty penny, but servicing/polishing when the watch is working fine seems fairly optional. You can talk to your authorized dealer for their opinion. I also doubt it costs that much. Mine was sent to Rolex directly from my jeweler for the work.

  5. Yes, it does cost a lot. I was bad about servicing one that I had for years so I felt it was worth it to pay a lot for it to be all checked out.
  6. I have had mine for 5 years and have never had it is still running fine. But it is a Cellini Rolex (which are not as mass produced as most of their other lines). My husband has a Cellini as well (20 years now) and one night he was taking it off to go to bed and thought he set it on the nightstand and had actually dropped it into his Big Gulp of diet coke. And even that repair was only $300.00.
  7. I was just quoted between $600-900 to have my Rolex serviced by an authorized rolex repair center.
  8. Can any reputable jeweler do this servicing though?
  9. I think it needs to be done by Rolex. Most watch repair shops won't touch one. Btw, my total cost was <$500 and included the repair, but maybe because mine isn't that old.

    FYI, I saw your thread about buying used. I heard from my jeweler that if you send in a fake, they will confiscate it.

  10. I've had mine for over 5 years and I've never had it serviced. It works fine. I just sent it to get polished and have the diamonds all cleaned/checked. It will cost $130. Can't wait to pick it up. The jeweler said the band will look brand new.
  11. I know that there is a fee, but I'm not sure as to exactly how much. Omega charges around $300 (or more) as well, and Cartier charges $400-500. When you send your watch to be serviced though, it comes back to you looking and functioning like brand spankin new.

    It is advisable to have watches serviced every 5 years or so because they check each and every teeny part to remove any dirt, replace any rusted parts, and so on, for it to keep functioning well. Case in point - DH has an Omega Seamaster Pro he got maybe 6 years ago. It still runs well but the power reserve has significantly lowered. If he doesn't wear it for a day or two it stops, so, he's planning to send it off to be serviced ;)
  12. I've heard that too. Quite a bit to pay just for service.
  13. If your watch needs service only--not repair--it may be closer to $500-600. I'm told that only specialized watchmakers can service and repair a Rolex. I talked to my jeweler about it and they had two recommendations for me, both coming in at $600. Both required sending the watch out of house. I'd rather it go to Rolex for authentic parts. I'm told it comes back looking brand new. Also, if you do use a nonauthorized service center and you ever have to send the watch to Rolex, they will pitch out any non-Rolex parts:wtf:
  14. I recently dropped one of my rolexs on the floor...(I posted about it) anyway, I had only shattered the face and ROLEX decided it needed a service. SO $650 later it was fixed. I was shocked. I did not get a phone call before it was done or anything. Just that is was read to pick up.!!!! I hope it looks great! lol
  15. I have a very old Rolex, from the 1940's and recently had it serviced. It cost about $800 to have the movements tuned and the face cleaned. The watch is worth quite a bit more than the money it cost to be serviced, so I guess I think of it as protecting my investment.