Rolex Air King or Cartier Santos XL

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  1. I like both watches but can only buy one at this point in time. I’ve been in and out of the Rolex and Cartier boutiques numerous time and can’t decide. Can anyone with either of the watches share their pros and cons?
  2. Rolex Air King
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  3. Do you have photos of each on your wrist?
  4. Rolex. Cartier doesn't hold its value
  5. Rolex hands down
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  6. I know many people love Rolex but I’m a Cartier girl all the way.
  7. Rolex, I own a 34mm air king, I love it!
  8. Rolex for sure.
  9. My Cartier watches have all held their value. I know this because I’ve sold all but one of them, because they sat in their boxes.

    That said I’d go with the Rolex. It’s bette looking than the big Santos.
  10. I would go Cartier. It is beautiful watch.
  11. Could we see both on you? I have a small wg/yg Santos. I tried the larger size on me, and it looks lame; but it could be a lovely choice for you.