Rolex 18K White Gold & Stainless Diamond Dial Ladies Datejust: What Color Face??

  1. OK ladies, I have decided to get my first Rolex after looking at all your Gorgeous Rolex pics!

    This is my first BIG watch purchase and want one classic watch for everyday that I will wear for years and years...

    I have decided to get the lady Datejust in 18K white gold and Stainless with diamond dial and either, silver, white or mother of pearl face...

    I LOVE MOP but the price jumps A LOT for the MOP! Do you think its worth the huge price jump?

    What color face to you prefer on an all white Rolex with diamond dial?

  2. I found 2 pics of a lady datejust with diamond dial with MOP and 1 pic Silver face
    ladies-ssjubflu3-long[1].jpg 9d18_2[1].jpg 47062[1].jpg
  3. Heres a pic I found of a white face...
  4. The price gooes up for the MOP face from $6900 to $8650!!:sweatdrop:
  5. First, you probably know that you can bargain right?? My husband did anyway, and he got a good discount. That might help abit.

    I know the feeling when you have to decide and face the price of a component??? Its sometimes easier when you just have a price and thats it. Now you have to decide if MOP is worth this increase!!! And its hard to put such a big value on such a little thing like MOP!!!!

    Anyway that aside, I really believe you chooce what your heart tells you and just pay. The watch is so much anyway, you may as well go for the whole package if thats what you want.

    I have had a white gold/ss MOP watch with diamond markers before and it was very pretty. I dont know if you would want `pretty` for ever though. (It was a Mourice Lacroix). It tends to look very ladylike too.

    If you want to be sure that you wont tire of a pearl look, and also save some $, Im voting to go for the white!!!!

    But come on....a diamond Rolex....they are all special!

    Also, Im also on the look out for the right watch. Any reason you choose the lady size and not the mid size????
  6. Hi Littlesharon,

    I did hear you can get a little off but that Rolex had become super strict about it. What do you think I should be able to get off for the diamond MOP version? ($8650) I choose the ladies size because I have a very small wrist and am very petite so the ladies size actually looks pretty chunky on me, in a good way though... I do like the classic pretty "lady like" look that I think MOP has and dont think I could ever tire of such a classic & timeless feminine look. I think the MOP give sit a little something extra with the little sheen and different colors you can see at different angles. THanks for your help!
  7. I think the MOP in the Rolex might be nice as it gives it a more feminine edge against the masculine aspects of the Rolex. I think the combination is a bit edgy. (Mine was more old fashioned, but still beautiful....but its long lost now!!!!:crybaby:)

    My dh said that he got at least 30% off.
  8. would be greatly appreciated if you could please tell how and where to get that discount?
  9. wow, 30% off? where and when did he purchase his Rolex?

    I was only offered about 12% off for the diamond datejust in the less expensive silver face...

    The manager of the store told me that Rolex doesnt allow them to discount and that 12% off is very rare on a Rolex!

    For the much more expensive MOP I was hoping to get a bigger discount since its more expensive, they said the higher cost the watch the more room they have to discount...
  10. I wasnt with him when he bought it but I know what he does. He usually bargains `gently` and as if its a joke. Like he will say, come can do it...its not hard, ask your boss...And if they say no, he will persist, but never aggressive.

    I think he learnt from the best, as we have very tough customers who bargain....and they usually get their way, or at least alot more off than the less vocal customers.

    The thing with my dh, he has no shame, and no embarresment...I think thats important when you bargain. ie to never feel embarrest. He isnt looking for a beautiful buying experience and hoping that people will like him. He just wants a good price.

    He also paid cash, might make a difference. And finally, he didnt buy from Rolex shop, but from an authorised dealer. We have a few near each other, and he probably played them off against one another.

    I think they let a male bargain harder too!
  11. In HK I saw a BEYOOTIFUL ladies Rolex, stainless steel w/ a soft champagne diamond face. I almost bought it (but ended up w/ a non-diamond face instead). I'm still dreaming about it. It was nice because it was slightly warmer than a silver face would be, and I thought it was pretty special!
  12. white for me..if the choice is black or white only.