Rolandos - wherefore art thou?

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  1. Hello all you lovely ladies. Merry Wednesday. :smile:

    Now I know I SHOULD know the answer to this question having been around a while now but, are Rolandos still on sale in boutiques? And obviously I am UK based so would be nice to know from the UK perspective specifically, although any input gladly appreciated.

    I realise I could pick up the phone and ring an SA but they are so rude at Mount St plus this forum seems to know more than the shops themselves.

    And to be specific, I want purple as I am falling into a CL black trap. I am quite sure they were out last year but does anyone have any insider info on the new season, and were rolandos seasonal or classics like VP's?

    I'd rather buy new as rolandos and ebay don't go well together.

    I would ask Michelle Obama, who quite likes shoes, but apparently she is quite busy at work for some reason ;)

    Oh and I would literally buy anything purple (shoes that is, not pets or lavatory paper etc) - so if anyone sees a 35.5/ 36 decollette, declic etc etc in purple don't let it out of your sight.
  2. rolandos are classics and come out in different colors and materials every season so don't fret...

    purple rolandos though... i think i have only seen them in suede, and it was on ebay used. some members here have it though...
  3. Thx Carlinha that is great to know - suede is what I am after so I will wait with baited breath for the new season. So glad they are classics.

    As you can tell with that and nude VP's I will soon be in CCLO.
  4. The plum suede Decollete that went on sale at Saks were the same shade as the purple Rolandos. There are a few listed on eBay. As for other purple suede shoes, there's also the Declic ( Saks/Barneys/CL boutique) and VP (Saks).
  5. I want a purple pet!! Where can I find a purple pet??

    Erm... sorry... no useful advice from me I'm afraid :shame:

    So anyway, back to this purple pet....
  6. Speaking of anything purple: how 'bout this?


    An no, I don't know anything about the availability of purple Rolandos. Considering the shade, and the fact that they're classics, you never know, they might be coming out agan this fall if you can't locate a pair sooner. Good luck though; purple is delectable
  7. I'm channeling Shirli here, what about an SO!?

    Also, Rilo just got the Pigalle 100 in Metallic purple on sale from On Pedder in HK, I believe.
  8. ^^^ remember that guy that got those purple laminato rolandos for his g/f ... and then DIDN'T follow up with modeling pics ... :faint:

    you could always SO them in purple suede though ;)
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