Rolando's vs Simple Cortas

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  1. Hey Girls,

    If you only had to pick one to be your basic platform black pump which would you choose?

    I have such a hard time deciding TT_TT
  2. If you're talking basic pump I'd go for the Simple Corta - I love my Rolandos but they're not an everyday shoe :nogood:
  3. ITA :yes:
  4. What is the difference between 'new simple pumps' and 'new simple cortas pumps'?
  5. I couldn't agree more:yes: Though I personally haven't tried the simple corta, from what I've seen here it is a comfortable shoe (just like the normal simple) but with a platform for extra height and oophm!

    Now the Rolando while stunning (I have the electric blue suede, my HG) is more va va va vooom!!! IMHO I feel like the rolando is more special occasion, meaning an awesome night out or the premier of an outfit:P If you are able to handle walking around in such a high heel all the time, I say go for the Rolando, because of the two it, to me, its the standout! But I have a feeling you are looking for a more practical shoe, which in this case is the Corta...
  6. From what I can see I don't think theres a style difference, I think its the leathers maybe? the Corta being patent and the simple kid?? But I'm not positive on this...
  7. you didn't ask for a guys opinion but i'm going to give it to you anyway. rolandos all the way. boslvuton hit the nail right on the head that the rolandos have more va va voom. the cortas are nice too though, but aren't as fancy.
  8. ITA with this. I had the Rolandos in the leopard pony hair, and though they are a gorgeous pair of shoes, they're not a shoe for everyday wear.

    I have the regular Simples, not the Cortas, in python and camel. I could run a marathon (okay, well maybe a 10k) in them ;)
  9. ITA...for a basic pump, i'd go with the simples hands down...i have the simples (not cortas) and i reach for them on days that i know i have a bit more walking to do...the rolandos are WOW...but from what i hear, def not a shoe you can run around in daily...

  10. I Loooove the Rolandos! But have so few places I would wear them to. So it you're like me I would go for the Simple Corta pump. The platform and patent leather give it extra oompf for a simple pump.
  11. I agree that the corta's would be better than the rolandos for an every day black platform.
  12. I have all 3 shoes and the Cortas aren't as comfortable as the Simples. The Rolandos aren't everyday shoes, so if you're looking for an everyday shoes between the Rolandos and the Cortas, go with the Cortas.

    FYI, I took 1/2 down from my Simples for the Cortas.
  13. I think they're both stunning shoes, but if you're looking for a basic pump then I would probably go for the Simple Cortas. The Rolandos are more va va voom, like someone else mentioned. I haven't tried either style on, so I can't speak for how comfortable they are. I just ordered the black suede Rolandos, so IMO you can't go wrong with either one :flowers: