Rolandos or Decolettes- Which are more comfy?

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  1. Hi all

    I'm torn between 2 pair of black CLs- Rolandos and Decolettes. Any personal preferences? Are both relatively comfortable to wear? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  2. for my feet decolletes are more comfy, but everyone is different!
  3. I find decos so comfy, although different people on this forum have had much different experiences. I can wear my decos all day and night long.

    I think the Sock Trick was invented for Rolandos--am I wrong?
  4. ^ I think it depends a lot on the width of your foot. Both have a very almond toe box.
  5. I personally prefer Rolandos over Decolletes. I love how Decolletes look but my feet just dont like being in them. My feet are quite happy in Rolandos.
  6. I personally love my Decolletes, could wear them for hours and hours, and found them pretty comfy right from the start.
    Rolandos, while absolutely gorgeous, made me feel like my toes had to be folded in half to fit. This is the only style I've sworn off!
    But I'm sure you'll have just as many ladies saying the exact opposite. The best thing for you to do is to try them both on, if at all possible. They are such different shoes.
    No worries, you can't go wrong with either pair!
  7. I tried on Rolandos this weekend to see if somehow they've decided to fit my feet.... I literally could not walk to the mirror and back to the chair without wanting to DIE. But hey, everybody's different! Give them a shot!
  8. I have quite a wide foot so maybe the Decollettes would be better?

    And hate to sound stupid, but what is the sock trick???

    Thanks for all the help!


  9. ^ put on a pair of thick gym socks and shove your foot into your shoe. it will stretch them out pretty well!! If you only wanna stretch the toe box, cut off the toe of the sock, so they length does not get affected.
  10. Ouch-both styles are gorgeous but kill me!!!
  11. i find both styles to be quite comfy. i have extremely thin feet, though.. and i'm used to sky-high heels. good luck choosing, both are beautiful shoes.
  12. ^^ I agree. Both pairs are fabulous but both hurt my feet. I have a pair of Rolando that I love (pictured in my Avatar), but I don't wear them much because they really hurt my toes. I can't wear the Decollete at all because it hurts my feet worse than Rolando for some reason.
  13. I have wide feet and actually find the Rolando pretty comfy. I only have them in suede, though. The Decolette wasn't comfy for my at all, though.
  14. I have the decollete, but not the rolandos and since I'm not used to 5" heels, I'm not so sturdy in them. The toe box is also very narrow, so as of yet, they are not very comfy for me. I have kind of wide feet...
  15. rolandos make me want to cut off my feet, but it's the pitch, not the toe box. i don't own decolletes, but they felt very comfy to me when i tried them on.