Rolando Colors

  1. I'm looking into buying some Rolandos or Rolandes for my best friend's 21st birthday.
    I was wondering what colors and materials they happen to come in, she's not particularly picky about the color, though I bet some are better than others. I've only seen 4 kinds, black and red patent, plum and blue suede.
  2. WOW this shoe has come in many colors and materials. Some I've seen have been:

    Leather- Black, Bronze, Brown
    Patent Leather- Black, Wine red, Leopard
    Suede- Electric Blue, Fuchsia, Black, Brown, Green, Purple
    Pony Hair- Leopard

    I'm sure there are more I'm missing, but be aware that the availability of this shoe is very difficult as it was super popular and allegedly not being reproduced this spring! Good luck!!
  3. I called Saks in SF about 4 hours ago and they said they didn't have any. I did some more searching and I read some where that there were a navy and a purple patent. I've seen the navy but no proof of the purple. I also got a good look at the Rolandos on Victoria Beckham's feet at the Roland Mouret fashion show, amazing. But those are A LOT of money. I'm seriously considering eBay.
  4. ^^Be careful of getting these on eBay, I have recently noticed fake rolandos on eBay.
  5. Yes, beware of the BLACK SUEDE Rolando's, those are apparently the ones that have been faked. There are 2 sellers on eBay (both with low feedback, and feedback accumulated from selling fake Bruges) selling an entire size run of black suede Rolando's on eBay, all with $0.99 starting bids.

    Thankfully I have yet to see any other versions of the Rolando getting faked besides the black suede version.

  6. Oh my~ How can you tell?
  7. Wow I hope noone has gone for those!!!

    ps are we allowed to name the fake sellers here, or is that against tpf rules?
  8. Check the CL Authentication thread at the top --
    The fake black suede Rolando's have been pointed out and discussed there, with the fake sellers' auctions/seller names mentioned (AFAIK it's certainly not as against tPF rules to point out fake sellers).

    Also you can check the list of recommended regular eBay authentic shoe sellers --
  9. One reputable seller has great reviews, it's just the over the top price inflation that I have a problem with. But if Rolandos are allegedly not being produced this spring, my bank account will understand.
  10. OMG I saw this a few days ago. What is up w/ that? I can't believe they are faking the black suede rolandos now. :cursing: Of course, Ebay will do nothing to these scammers. :hysteric:
  11. I saw some Rolandos at the Tyson Va Saks yesterday. I think they were the burgandy patent. I have no idea what sizes they had.
  12. Does Nordstroms carry CL? I've never looked (shoots self :shame:smile: I know they carry Manolos.

    Most of the Rolandos that I've seen people own are either the suede or patent ones. Not many if anyone talk about the satin Rolandos, like the ones on Are they "bad" or something?
  13. Yes, Nordstroms does carry CLs, but only select locations like San Fran, Dallas and Chicago.
    I don't particularly like satin rolandos.
  14. I have the taupe satin Rolando's purchased from NAP. Last time I looked they still had a 40. I love them, they are gorgeous and versatile but you have to be a liitle careful with them. I got drivers heel on them but my cobbler was able to take care of that. I also like that if I get bored with the color, I can dye them.
  15. My faves are the wine patent leather Rolandos! They are really gorgeous. The red is so rich. So yummy :amuse: