Rolande / Rolando - Please help

  1. Hey Girls

    I got my first pair of CL's at the beginning of the year and I am now in love!!! :heart:

    Its true what they say... You have to wear a pair to understand! :yes:

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a pair of CL brown leather Rolande sling backs?:confused1:

    I am also desperate for a pair of black normal leather Rolandos and I cannot find them anywhere! I have to have these shoes. :drool:

    Some people have suggested calling Louboutin Paris for the Rolando - has anyone done this themselves?

    Hope you can help?! ;)
  2. Hi- Ihave this style in the brown and the cheetah print and I love them- I am normally a size 8 and i purchased the 38 1/2 in the cheetah and a 39 in the brown. They both fit me well and they are very comfortable and did I menttion they look hot on.. I always get a ton of compliments when I wear them... I too saw them on eBay and have actually purchased a pair of shoes from one of those sellers... the seller was a pleasure and had super fast shipping and the item arrived well packaged.. pm me if you have any other questions about the seller.. if not definetly find yourself these shoes you will not regret it!!
  3. Miss Louboutin - Let me start by saying, I love the name as I am obsessed with Mr. Louboutin. I recently saw the brown leather rolandes on sale at Barneys. I don't recall the size that I saw but there were at least a few pairs available at the Barneys in NYC. Bergdorf has the black patent rolandes for full price now, I have never seen the black leather rolandes anywhere. And the Louboutin boutique on Madison Avenue has the cheetah print rolandes on sale too. I once tried the rolandes but they did not work well for me, I went up a full size and my toes were squished in the toe box. But I think that they are very sexy looking. Good luck in finding them.
  4. I recall reading in another thread that the black leather rolandos (pump) are currently on reserve at the Louboutin boutique. Try calling to get your name on the wait list.
  5. I would also suggest ebay or, a wonderful site called, I've ordered a couple of louboutin's from them, they don't have the "very latest" styles, normally because I think they sell out, but I keep them bookmarked and check them regularly, I did see the cheetah print Rolande's there though, so it's worth a try...Good Luck, and welcome to the Louboutin frenzy!!
  6. Ok guys!!!
    All info is great and guess what... I have found a pair of
    Rolandos in size 36.5 - VERY excited :yahoo:

    I have the pony hair very prive in this size and think i should have had a size 37.
    So what do you suggest?
    Do I go for a size 36.5 or shall I wait to see if I can get a 37?

    Please help - QUICK!:wtf:
  7. Miss L.

    Barney NYC had the brown leather rolandes, check the website if you can't get to the store. has the rolande in black and nude patent and leopard print.

    The rolando in regular leather has not made it to U.S. stores yet, but I believe you can pre-order in boutiques. has it in plum and black suede. Nordstrom in select cities also has it in suede.

    Good luck in your quest and welcome to the madness that is Christian Louboutin.
  8. Personally I have had to go with a 37.5 with the rolande as compared to 37 for the very prive. If you have narrow feet you might be okay with the 36.5.
  9. Ok - I've done it they arrive in a weeks time!!!
    Yay! My second pair of Louboutins! :yahoo:
    Aren’t they GORGEOUSE!!!!:heart:

    If they do need to be a half a size bigger I’ll send them back - :crybaby:
    However everyone seems to have a different opinion on these sizes so I’ll just have to try them!
  10. Miss Louboutin - Congrats, I love the black leather rolandos. Please post pics when you receive them.
    You have inspired me to purchase the nude patent rolandes, I just saw them on, I just hope that they will fit me better than the ones I have tried on in the past. And I'm also thinking of the black suede from
  11. Glad I have inspired you! :tup:
    The nude Rolandes from Footcandy look light pink - is this the case? If so I have to have them for my wedding day!
    Please post pics of yours too!
  12. Congrats! But in all honesty I'm 99% sure you'd need *at least* a 37 (likely even a 37.5) in the Rolando/Rolande style, given what you mentioned about your sizes in other styles. They run smaller than the Very Prive's for sure.
  13. I have the nude patent rolandes and I only needed to go up a half size. However, I hear that the rolandos are running at least .5 to a full size large.