ROL 2-New Show.....New Hair!!!!!!

  1. Apparently, Brett got a new wigzilla and a new facezilla.
  2. Have mercy! Heather was his soul mate so what is the point of ever watching him again?
  3. I seen this blog like 20 times, and just now it just struck me as the 'rock of love' show. lmao
  4. oh lord...
  5. Only three ethnic ladies... her sure prefers them white trash ;)
  6. oooooh man, i can't wait. looks like brett got completely resurfaced! and looks like they photoshopped him a giant bulge in that second pic...
  7. OMG. :throwup: Kristy is the only one that I would call pretty. The rest are just trashy looking! I know it's not right to judge on looks alone...hopefully some of them have good personalities.
  8. Those are some handsome women. You can bet your bandana, 90% of them were not born women. I would of thought last season would of been pretty hard to beat in the Apalachian category of trailer rubbish, but obviously VH1 is trying to outskank last time.

  9. they look like diseased meth heads:throwup: a few cute ones, like Kristy, as TulsaMINI said...but she also has that highway gap between her silicone boobs. Some of them have the worst implants:lol:
  10. Is that a sock in his jeans? lol
  11. No, it's an extra wig ;)
  12. OMG...are these shows for real anymore? What is reality if its all staged LOL!! This dude is so trapped in the 80's though!
  13. Boy did they ever!! Do they not realize that the boy made a sex tape so folks know he's not packin' THAT much heat!!!!