rogue vif leather is so... nice and smotth.....

  1. my rogue vif purse just arrived. she is my second b-bag, and i am impressed with the quality of leather. in comparison to my magentabox, the leather is so much thicker.....
    dont get me wrong, i still love my magenta box, but i am in love... with the rogue vif leather.
  2. here is the pic.....
  3. The bag is gorgeous, simply TDF! Congratulations.
  4. heeeeeeeeeelp, i can't take it anymore, this bag is too gorgeous for words!!! :sos::sos::sos::sos:
  5. okay... i have a stupid question. this is my second b-bag, and i really dont know what to expect. if you see my pic closely, you can see those fine lines.... is that supposed to be normal? they look like scratches... but when i look at my magenta box, those lines are everywhere.
    but then again, my magenta is just kinda veiny.
    can anyone look at these "lines" and tell me if they are normal?
  6. hmmmmmmmmm, i donno sweetie, can you post a close-up photo of them (?) :shrugs:
  7. Bama, if you click on the pic and then click again you can see it close up.

    Me Love, I see what you mean. I see a few marks which I guess could be surface scuffs but it's probably just a pattern in the leather. Your bag is GORGEOUS!
  8. yeppers, i did that, but it's hard to tell whether they're scuffs or distressing :wondering...either way though, that bag is TDF me_love_purse :yes:
  9. Another rouge beauty! Congrats me! The leather looks scrumptious!:heart: [​IMG]
  10. BEAUTIFUL purse! OMG!!!
  11. Congrats!!! I just love the rouge vif!!
  12. melove...I think the lines are normal for balenciaga leather. Even though the rouge vif is much thicker and smushier, it still has the traditional distressing. My rouge vif box does too. So, don't worry...enjoy it and congratulations on the purchase of an awesome bag!!!
  13. thanks for the opinion girls....
    i am just always overly worried about my bags.... they are like my kids.... hehehehehe...
    but yeah, totally happy with it.
  14. Love love the color ... the bag is stunning! Congrats, the leather looks beautiful!
  15. Congrats, me_love!!! Your Rouge Vif purse is beautiful!!!:yahoo: