rogue vif city vs. apple gree first


rogue vif city vs. apple green first

  1. rogue vif city

  2. apple green first

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  1. i like em both. but i have to choose one or the other. so, here is the deal. i love both color equally. however, i never have green bag, so i thought apple green would be cool. but.... i like big bags more..... should i choose apple green first or rogue vif city and just get green grass city next month.
    please help.
  2. My vote is with red city. If you've never had a green bag, AND you know that you prefer bigger bags, it sounds like you'd be taking a chance on the apple green first. Do you love red? if you're equally undecided about both, your best bet may be to wait until the SS07 colors come out, when you can see and grope them IRL.
    In addition, it seems that all Rouge Vif owners have been tremendously happy with their bags...
  3. Red city, all the way!
  4. well... i already have a rogue vif purse.... hehehehhe.... and on top of that, i also have a red chanel.... so i dont know if its too much red in my collection.
  5. I voted rouge vif city- but I didn't know you also had the purse in the same color!
  6. RED...gorgeous.
  7. I voted for rouge vif before I read the thread. If you already have two reds, go for the green!
  8. Apple green first! The color is amazing!
  9. Definitely the rouge vif city!
  10. you should get the apple green first because you already have a rouge purse! :P
  11. i recently got a rouge vif city and LOVE it to pieces!!! go the rouge vif!
  12. I'm confused on what I'm voting for. Am I voting for you to keep the rouge vif or to get rid of it?

    Because I voted Vif meaning for you to get rid of that one since the Vermillion looks more like the Vif than the grass green to the Apple green.
  13. Rouge Vif !!!!!!!!!!
  14. I am very biased I love the RV city!
  15. liz,
    well, i guess my intention is for you to vote for the one you like more.:yes: